US web giants back voter push

Backing the push are websites and organisations including Reddit, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Freepress, Imgur, Mozilla, Cheezburger, Fark, New America, Grooveshark, and New Media Ventures. Collectively their reach extends to over 20 million web users a day.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
The Inquirer

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An all-star cast of computer security experts say putting backdoors in encryption will weaken security.

Jul 7 @ 10:15am

EFF, @AshleyJudd, and the @torproject have all called on ICANN to preserve domain privacy. You can too:

Jul 7 @ 9:16am

California lawmakers want to appoint a “Chief Data Officer.” Here’s why that’s a great idea:

Jul 7 @ 8:39am
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