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Tech Investors Lobby Congress: Down With Patent Trolls

November 21, 2013

Tuesday by advocacy groups the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Engine. The letter comes amid a renewed push by legislators to fix the patent system and slow down so-called patent trolls — people or companies who sue others with the sole intention of winning big settlements.

These trolls, critics argue, claim dubious patents with the sole intention of forcing their targets to settle, knowing that they'd rather pay up than risk spending more in a long legal fight.

"These non-practicing entities do not make or sell anything," the letter argues."Their exploitation of patents as a tool for extortion is undermining America’s technological progress." The group of about 50 added that many of them wouldn't have gotten as far in their careers if the trolling problem had been such a big issue in the past as it is now"

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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