May 29, 2024 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm PDT
Boston, MA

NOVA and PBS (not EFF) will host this event. EFF's Hayley Tsukayama will be speaking.

Secrets in Your Data

Whether you’re on social media or surfing the web, you’re probably sharing more personal data than you realize. That can pose a risk to your privacy – even your safety. At the same time, big datasets could lead to huge advances in fields like medicine. In NOVA's Secrets in Your Data, host Alok Patel explores these issues on a quest to understand what happens to all the data we’re sharing and explores the latest efforts to maximize benefits – without compromising personal privacy.
Join NOVA at GBH on May 29 for a screening of selected clips from Secrets in Your Data paired with a panel discussion featuring experts from the film. Following the program, we will host a catered reception in the atrium.


Wednesday, May 29,2024
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm ET


One Guest St
Brighton, MA



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Online registration required.


NOVA's Secrets in Your Data premieres Wednesday, May 15, at 9/8c on PBS. Check local listings for details. It will also be available for streaming online and via the PBS video app.

About the Speaker:

Hayley Tsukayama (she/her) is Associate Director of Legislative Activism at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Her focus is state legislation. She works with EFF's legislative team to craft our positions and public messaging about state bills on EFF issues. She also collaborates with community groups, other policy advocates, and state lawmakers on EFF legislative priorities across the country, including health privacy, surveillance, and right-to-repair. Additionally, she advocates for strong consumer data privacy legislation at the state and national level.

More about NOVA

For nearly 50 years, NOVA has played a crucial role in informing and inspiring audiences with the joy and transformative power of science and human ingenuity. Gifts to the NOVA Science Trust ensure NOVA’s ability to continue to make complex scientific topics accessible to everyone, telling stories at the intersection of science and society, and revealing the relevance of science in our lives. These gifts also support NOVA’s commitment to building a culture of inclusion: to highlight the work of scientists and filmmakers who have not been well-represented in the field of science communication; to expand the scope of the stories we tell, making them more inclusive and reflective of our society; and to engage a more diverse audience through targeted outreach efforts.

This event is organized not by EFF, but by NOVA and PBS.