May 8, 2024 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm PDT
Washington, D.C. and online

This event is hosted by George Mason University’s Center for Assurance Research and Engineering (CARE), the Financial Technology & Cybersecurity Center (Center), and Mason’s School of Business.

A California law enacted in October 2023 has put a spotlight on potential restrictions on data brokers’ ability to assemble and sell information on individuals.  Under the new law California residents will ultimately be able to click a single online delete button that would direct all covered data brokers to delete information regarding an individual who takes such action.  Information about individuals obtained from data brokers plays a large role in how the internet ecosphere functions and widespread opt-outs could broadly impact current industry operations.  This development could lead to further similar state actions or spur legislative or regulatory action at the federal level.

  • Alysa Hutnik Partner, Kelly Drye
  • Christopher Oswald Executive Vice President, Head of Law, Ethics & Government Relations, Association of National Advertisers
  • Michael Signorelli, Partner, Venable LLP
  • Hayley TsukayamaAssociate Director of Legislative Activism, Electronic Frontier Foundation