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Podcast Episode: Making the Invisible Visible

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

Google Print and Copyright Law Overview

While a nearly infinite quantity of web ink has been spilled on the copyright issues raised by Google's Library Project (formerly Google Print), there have been few good resources that concisely summarize the positions of both sides.
Jonathan Band, copyright lawyer and author of one of the best...

Judge Grants Preliminary Approval for Sony BMG CD Settlement

Customers to Get Clean CDs and Extra Downloads Because of Flawed Copy-Protection New York - A US District Court judge in New York gave preliminary approval Friday to a settlement for music fans who purchased Sony BMG music CDs containing flawed copy protection programs. Under the proposed settlement, Sony BMG...

EFF Calls on EMI to Permit Security Research on Copy-Protected CDs

Fear of Legal Action Chills Computer Security Researchers San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today sent an open letter to EMI Music -- the record label representing artists including Paul McCartney and Coldplay -- calling on it to agree not to pursue any legal action against computer security...

What About EMI's Copy-Protected CDs?

It was thanks to the work of independent security researchers that the security risks in Sony-BMG's copy protected CDs were discovered. But what about the copy-protected CDs being sold by EMI labels (including Virgin, Capitol, and Liberty Records), which use similar copy protection technologies from Macrovision Corporation?

Florida AG's Office Enters Sony BMG DRM Fray

Charlie Crist, the Florida Attorney General, has joined several other states in investigating the Sony DRM debacle:
Allegation or issue being investigated:
It has been reported that certain Sony music cd's contain a software program apparently intended to protect against unauthorized duplication of the cd by the purchaser....

EFF and Sony BMG Reach Preliminary Settlement over Flawed DRM

"The proposed settlement will provide significant benefits for consumers who bought the flawed CDs," said EFF Legal Director Cindy Cohn. "Under the terms, those consumers will get what they thought they were buying--music that will play on their computers without restriction or security risk. EFF is continuing discussions with Sony...


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