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EFF to Court: Fair Use is a Right Congress Cannot Cast Aside

Copyright law and free expression have always been in tension, with the courts protecting speech from overzealous copyright claims using legal doctrines such as fair use. But in 1998, Congress passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and since then courts have interpreted its “anti-circumvention” provision to give rightsholders the unprecedented...

안드로이드와 iOS에서 광고 ID 추적을 해제하는 방법 및 그렇게 해야 하는 이유를 알려드립니다

이른바 'IDFA'(iOS의 경우) 또는 'AAID'(안드로이드의 경우)로 불리는 광고 식별자, 즉 '광고 ID'는 모바일 기기에서 제3자 추적을 가능하게 하는 핵심 요소입니다. 이를 해제하면 광고 사업자들과 데이터 중개 사업자들이 당신을 추적하고 프로파일링을 하기에 훨씬 더 어려워 집니다. 그리고 판매되는 당신의 개인 정보의 양을 제한할 수 있기도 합니다.이 글은 기기에서 작동하는 광고 식별자의...

California Privacy

Reproductive Privacy Requires Data Privacy

EFF supports data privacy for all, and that includes people seeking reproductive health care. Even before the Supreme Court draft decision regarding Roe v. Wade leaked, EFF was engaged with reproductive justice advocates on how to better protect data privacy for people seeking care, providing it, and funding it. We’ve...

lighthouse w/ text: how to fix the internet with cindy cohn and danny obrien; the philosopher king

Podcast Episode: The Philosopher King

Computer scientists often build algorithms with a keen focus on “solving the problem,” without considering the larger implications and potential misuses of the technology they’re creating. That’s how we wind up with machine learning that prevents qualified job applicants from advancing, or blocks mortgage applicants from buying homes, or creates...

SafeGraph’s Disingenuous Claims About Location Data Mask a Dangerous Industry

On Tuesday, Motherboard reported that data broker SafeGraph was selling location information “related to visits to clinics that provide abortions including Planned Parenthood facilities.” This included where people came from and where they went afterwards.In response, SafeGraph agreed to stop selling data about Planned Parenthood visitors. But it...


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