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Podcast Episode: Fighting Enshittification

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

"The Internet and Democracy"

EFF's Director of International Freedom, Jillian York, discusses with Evgeny Morozov, author of "The Net Delusion," what democratic movements throughout the world can expect from new technologies.
Maude Fife Room, 315 Wheeler Hall, UC Berkeley Campus

Securing Our Rights in the Information-Sharing Era

Three EFF staffers will be speaking at this convening of er organizers, policy experts, and community leaders to discuss a variety of topics surrounding data sharing and the agencies involved.
Mark Rumold is speaking on FOIA Case Studies: Using the Freedom of Information Act to Push for Policy...

Celebrating 50,000 Twitter Followers

Today, EFF's Twitter account received its 50,000th follower. That’s 50,000 people who care about the future of civil liberties -- at least enough to keep tabs on EFF through our Twitter feed. And while there are surely a few spam bots in there, we’re glad to see so many...

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Free! Fight for the Future Faces Bogus Legal Threats

Americans have a long history of using parodies and satire in their political and social debates. Whether it’s the Daily Show, the Onion, or books like The Wind Done Gone, humor and poking fun can have a powerful political impact and are plainly protected by law. So what’s with Justin...

Bloggers Under Fire

One of the most grave threats to free expression in many countries these days is the intimidation and persecution of bloggers and online journalists. The effects are often far-reaching as bloggers are scared into silence. While the Arab Spring has brought about many positive changes throughout the region, several Middle...

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BART Considers a Cell Phone Shutdown Policy

This summer, decision-makers at Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) garnered considerable criticism -- not to mention the ire of Anonymous and days of protests -- after they chose to shut down cell phone access to four BART stations in downtown San Francisco based on rumors of an upcoming protest....


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