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  • EFF v. County of San Bernardino, (Case No. CIVDS 1827591, 2018) in the superior court of California, County of San Bernardino, our writ of mandate urges the court to enforce the California Public Records Act by disclosing the case numbers for 6 search warrants and supporting affidavits that authorized the use of cell site simulators in San Bernardino county in 2017.

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Known Manufacturers

Manufacturers of IMSI-catchers and stingray-like devices

  • Pen-Link Ltd., of Lincoln, Nebraska.
  • Harris Corp., of Melbourne, Florida.
    • Makers of the Stingray, the KingFish, AmberJack, Hailstorm, Harpoon, etc.
  • Telesoft Technologies, of Blandford Forum, United Kingdom.
    • Maker of the HINTON Abis Probe device.
  • Rayzone Group, of Tel Aviv, Israel.
    • Maker of the Piranha device.
  • PKI Electronic Intelligence GmbH, of Lütjensee, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
    • Maker of several digital and communications surveillance devices.
  • GammaGroup
    • Maker of FinFisher, a remote spyware tool that has been sold to autocratic governments.