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Our Work

Dangerous Terms: A User's Guide to EULAs

February 2005
By Annalee Newitz
We've all seen them – windows that pop up before you install a new piece of software, full of legalese. To complete the install, you have to scroll through 60 screens of dense text and then click an "I Agree" button. Sometimes you...

Meditations on Trusted Computing

May 2004 In 1641, in his Meditations on First Philosophy, mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes asked how it is that we can trust our senses. What if, he asked, everything we experience is actually part of a delusion created by an omnipotent demon bent on deceiving us? It turns out...

Accessibility and Auditability in Electronic Voting

May 2004
Nearly one-third of American voters – over 50 million people – live in districts that will use electronic voting terminals to elect the next president.1 However, widespread reports of voting terminal failures,2 and growing concern about the security3 of these machines, are fueling fierce...

Trusted Computing: Promise and Risk

October 2003
Computer security is undeniably important, and as new
vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited, the perceived need for
new security solutions grows. "Trusted computing" initiatives propose
to solve some of today's security problems through hardware changes
to the personal computer. Changing hardware...

Unsafe Harbors: Abusive DMCA Subpoenas and Takedown Demands

September 2003
The DMCA has been used to invade the privacy
of Internet users, harass Internet service providers, and chill online speech.
The subpoena and takedown powers of Section 512 are not limited to cases
of proven copyright infringement, and are exercised without a judge's review....

Biometrics: Who's Watching You?

September 2003
Among the many reactions to the September 11 tragedy has been a renewed attention to biometrics. The federal government has led the way with its new concern about border control. Other proposals include the use of biometrics with ID cards and in airports, e.g. video...

Digital Rights Management: The Skeptics' View

April 2003

Fred von Lohmann
(415) 436-9333 x123

A wide variety of technologies travel under the banner of "digital rights management" (DRM). In appropriate circumstances, these technologies can solve real problems for users, technology vendors, and content owners. Some, however, have made more ambitious claims...

Privacy issue banner, a colorful graphical representation of a padlock

EFF's Top 12 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy

April 2002
by Stanton McCandlish, EFF Technology Director
Vers. 2.0 - Apr. 10, 2002
Note: Mention of specific product, service or company names does
not constitute EFF endorsement or recommendation. Examples and links
are provided as starting points for readers, who must make up their


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