February 1, 1995 S.314 "Communications Decency Act of 1995" introduced by Sen. Exon
March 30, 1995 S.652 "Telecommunications Act of 1996" introduced by Sen. Pressler
May 3, 1995 H.R.1555 "Communications Act of 1996" introduced by Rep. Bliley

Procedural timeline of H.R.1555

June 15, 1995 S.652 passed in Senate with a vote of 81-18
June 30, 1995 H.R.1978 "Internet Freedom and Family Empowerment Act" introduced by Rep. Cox and Wyden

Text of H.R.1978 "Internet Freedom and Family Empowerment Act"

July 10, 1995 H.R.1978 referred to Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Finance. Does not return.
August 2, 1995 House procedure to introduce H.R. 1555 for debate

Reps. Wyden and Cox forecast amending H.R. 1555

August 4, 1995 Reps. Cox and Wyden amend H.R. 1555 during floor debate with H.AMDT.744

Amendment passes 420-4

October 12, 1995 H.R. 1555 passed in House, referred to Senate for conference
January 31, 1996 Conference report on S. 652 issued, titled H. Rept. 104-458
February 1, 1996 House debates adopting Conference report. Conference report adopted 414-4.

Senate debates adopting Conference report. Adopted 91-5.

Passage by both Houses clears bill for White House

February 2, 1996 Bill presented to President Clinton
February 8, 1996 Bill signed by President Clinton

Becomes Public Law No. 104-104