May 5, 2024 - 7:15am to 8:00am PDT
Boston, MA & Online

Free Software Foundation (not EFF) will host this event. EFF's Hayley Tsukayama will be speaking.

"Building bridges and plugging in"

Technology policy, and advocacy around it, used to be largely considered in its own silo. Those days are over. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been lucky to work with advocates in many spaces, including criminal justice, reproductive justice, and worker rights to advocate for change. As technology becomes an integral part of more areas of our daily life, a cross-disciplinary advocacy mindset becomes more necessary to nurture. We will discuss lessons EFF has learned from building these partnerships. We'll highlight how valuable it is for "tech people" to be more involved in modern community movements. We'll also talk about how we can bring skills honed in the free software advocacy community to other areas of policy. Ultimately, the goal is not only to think about how to diversify the free software movement—it's also to expand people's definition of what "counts" as "their" issue.


Sunday, May 5, 2024
10:15 AM - 11:00 AM ET


Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston, MA
& Online



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About LibrePlanet

LibrePlanet is a conference about software freedom, happening on May 4 & 5, 2024. The event is hosted by the Free Software Foundation (FSF), and brings together software developers, law and policy experts, activists, students, and computer users to learn skills, celebrate free software accomplishments, and face upcoming challenges. Newcomers are always welcome, and LibrePlanet 2024 will feature programming for all ages and experience levels.

About the Speaker:

Hayley Tsukayama (she/her) is Associate Director of Legislative Activism at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Her focus is state legislation. She works with EFF's legislative team to craft our positions and public messaging about state bills on EFF issues. She also collaborates with community groups, other policy advocates, and state lawmakers on EFF legislative priorities across the country, including health privacy, surveillance, and right-to-repair. Additionally, she advocates for strong consumer data privacy legislation at the state and national level.

About the Free Software Foundation

The FSF maintains historic articles covering free software philosophy and maintains the Free Software Definition—to show clearly what must be true about a particular software program for it to be considered free software.

This event is organized not by EFF, but by the Free Software Foundation.