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Podcast Episode: AI in Kitopia

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Deeplinks Blog

A cityscape with surveillance

什么是提案 E,为什么旧金山选民应该反对它?

如果您生活在旧金山,选民将在 2024 年 3 月 5 日对一系列本地特定议案进行投票表决,其中包括提案 E。提案 E 的支持者已经募得 100 多万美元筹款……但这项议案的具体内容是什么?我们将在此详细解读议案内容,并解释它会对旧金山居民带来怎样的危险,以及您为什么应该投反对票。
Automated License Plate Readers

Dozens of Rogue California Police Agencies Still Sharing Driver Locations with Anti-Abortion States

California Attorney General Rob Bonta should crack down on police agencies that still violate Californians’ privacy by sharing automated license plate reader information with out-of-state government agencies, putting abortion seekers and providers at particular risk, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the state’s American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) affiliates urged...

EFF at SCALE 21x

As always, EFF is excited to be back in Pasadena, CA for SCALE 21x! Stop by the EFF booth to chat with some of our team and learn about the latest news in defending digital freedom for all. You can even pick up a special gift as a token...

Security issues banner, a colorful graphic of two barrel keys forming an X

In Final Talks on Proposed UN Cybercrime Treaty, EFF Calls on Delegates to Incorporate Protections Against Spying and Restrict Overcriminalization or Reject Convention

Update: Delegates at the concluding negotiating session failed to reach consensus on human rights protections, government surveillance, and other key issues. The session was suspended Feb. 8 without a final draft text. Delegates will resume talks at a later day with a view to concluding their work and providing a...


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