San Francisco—On Tuesday, October 12, at 12 pm PT, EFF Senior Staff Attorney Mitch Stoltz will speak at an online workshop convened by the UCLA Institute for Technology, Law & Policy to explore the future of open source software. Registration for this free online event is here.

The possibility that privacy-intrusive and military technologies may be built using open source programs has raised debate about whether open source software licenses can or should include restrictions on what the software can be used for.

A panel of technology and ethics experts will discuss the origins of the debate on October 12, the first of a three-day workshop about where the open source software movement is headed. Stoltz will speak on the history of the free software and open source movements, and the practical and ethical issues they have faced. The online workshop is open to the public.

WHAT: The Future of Open Source Workshop (online)

When: Tuesday, October 12, 12 pm PT

Who: EFF Senior Staff Attorney Mitch Stoltz

To register for the workshop: