Red Hat Sponsors the Fourth Annual EFF Freedom Fest at LinuxWorld August 4

San Francisco, CA - For the past four years, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has been thanking its members for their support with a free outdoor concert called Freedom Fest. This year's event will be bigger and better than ever. EFF has partnered with Red Hat, the world's leading provider of Linux and open source solutions, to conduct the festivities as part of the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Francisco. The Freedom Fest will be held outdoors at the gorgeous Yerba Buena Gardens, with an all-star lineup that features celebrated local artists Austin Willacy, Josh Fix and the Furious Force, and The Megan Slankard Band.

Warwick Davies, Group Vice President, IDG World Expo, said, "We're pleased to have EFF's Freedom Fest at LinuxWorld. It's a natural partnership, and we hope everybody who attends has a great time."

Red Hat Vice President of Corporate Communications David Burney added, "As an open source company, Red Hat believes in providing freedom and choice to technology users, and we are excited to partner with EFF to bring this great event to the Bay Area."

In addition to celebrating digital rights, this year's Freedom Fest is held in honor of the attorneys who volunteered their time to help win the Bunner case, defending Andrew Bunner and hundreds of other Linux users who hosted DeCSS code on their websites against a lawsuit brought by several large entertainment companies. The annual concert is also a chance for people interested in EFF issues to meet the staff in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoy some free music, and share food and drink. And for the first time ever, the event will be simulcast live over the Web at the EFF website.

The EFF Freedom Fest will take place on Wednesday, August 4th, from 5:00-8:00 p.m. The event is open to everyone attending LinuxWorld and all EFF supporters.

Freedom Fest website.


Shari Steele
Executive Director
Electronic Frontier Foundation