San Francisco, CA - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
today asked concerned Europeans to contact Members of the
European Parliament (MEPs) prior to a March 8 vote on a
controversial proposed directive on Intellectual Property
Enforcement. EFF is asking Europeans to seek an amendment
that would limit application of the directive to intentional
commercial infringements of intellectual property rights.

"EFF is urging its members to ask their MEPs to seek an
amendment to the proposed European Intellectual Property
Enforcement directive because it does not distinguish
large-scale commercial infringement and counterfeiting
enterprises from unintentional, non-commercial infringement
by individuals," said EFF Staff Attorney Gwen Hinze. "If the
European Parliament adopts this directive, a person who
unwittingly infringes copyright -- even if it has no effect
on the market -- could potentially have her assets seized,
bank accounts frozen, and home invaded."

An action alert available on the EFF website makes it
possible for Europeans to contact and voice their concerns
to key members of the European Parliament.



Gwen Hinze

   Staff Attorney

   Electronic Frontier Foundation

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