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Public Comments to the White House Review Group on the NSA


Public Comments to the White House Review Group on the NSA

In September 2013, EFF urged citizens around the world to submit comments to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). Many people sent EFF copies of their comments to publish publicly. We're making them available on our website as a historical record for the press and public.

ODNI had requested public feedback to inform the Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies' report on the NSA. Comments were specifically requested on:

how in light of advancements in communications technologies, the United States can employ its technical collection capabilities in a manner that optimally protects our national security and advances our foreign policy while respecting our commitment to privacy and civil liberties, recognizing our need to maintain the public trust, and reducing the risk of unauthorized disclosure.

This was an opportunity to highlight the consequences of disregarding the privacy rights of non-US persons and engaging in mass surveillance of digital communications. The review group published its report in December 2013. You can read the final report and EFF's response, but it's also worth reading the raw, personal expressions of public outrage.

The documents below showcase how people around the world believe the NSA's spying has gone too far. In particular, read comments from the European Digital Rights Initiative and the Fundamental Rights Experts Group, from EFF, and from notable technologists.

nsa-reviewgroupcomment-zick.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-annek.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-benthem.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-bertk.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-bobp.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-bradb.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-davidb.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-davidl.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-dk.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-fayek.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-flex-d.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-grandm.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-heathera.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-jakobe.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-jeffc.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-jimw.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-johnc.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-josh-s.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-joshd.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-karenk.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-karls.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-lexv.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-markp.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-mg.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-michaelp.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-michaelt.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-mikem.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-mr.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-nathanc.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-pauls.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-richardb.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-robertam.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-rone.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-sharr.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-skyfall.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-stevem.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-timp.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-tomk.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-victorm.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni_-williamm.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni-edri.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
odni-m-j.pdf07/24/2017Download Preview
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