Datesort descending Document Media Outlet
12/4/2013 Fascia Washington Post
12/5/2013 FRA Russia SVT
12/5/2013 Italy Spying L'Espresso
12/9/2013 NSA Video Games Paper NY Times
12/10/2013 Ghost Machine Washington Post
12/10/2013 Target Location Washington Post
12/10/2013 NSA CSEC Partnership CBC
12/10/2013 Location Cookies Washington Post
12/10/2013 GSM Classification Guide Washington Post
12/10/2013 Cotraveler Overview Washington Post
12/11/2013 Xkeyscore Sources SVT
12/11/2013 Xkeyscore Sweden Meeting SVT
12/11/2013 Quantum from GCHQ SVT
12/11/2013 NSA Slides Xkeyscore SVT
12/11/2013 Baltic Region SVT
12/11/2013 Final Agenda Sweden USA SVT
12/11/2013 Legal Issues UK Regarding Sweden and Quantum SVT
12/11/2013 NSA Internal PM on FRA SVT
12/11/2013 Accomplishments from NSA SVT
12/11/2013 Sweden Neutral SVT
12/11/2013 Xkeyscore Slide with Swedish Example SVT
12/23/2013 NSA/CSS Mission Washington Post
12/29/2013 TAO ANT Cottonmouth Der Spiegel
12/30/2013 QFIRE Der Spiegel
12/30/2013 NSA ANT Catalog Jacob Appelbaum
12/30/2013 TAO Quantum Theory Der Spiegel
12/30/2013 TAO Quantum Tasking Der Spiegel
12/30/2013 TAO Intro Der Spiegel
1/2/2014 Quantum Computing Washington Post
1/2/2014 Quantum Computers Hard Targets Washington Post
1/16/2014 Dishfire Presentation Guardian
1/27/2014 Squeaky Dolphin NBC
1/27/2014 Mobile Theme Briefing NY Times
1/27/2014 Converged Analysis on Smartphone Devices NY Times
1/28/2014 Leaky Phone Apps Guardian
1/30/2014 COP15 Interception Document Information DK
1/30/2014 COP15 Interception Document Information DK
1/31/2014 CSEC Airport WiFi Tracking CBC
2/4/2014 British Spies Attacked Hactivist Anonymous NBC
2/7/2014 GCHQ Honey Trap Cyber Attack_Background on JTRIG NBC
2/7/2014 GCHQ Honey Trap Cyber Attack_Leveraging Foreign Journalists via JTRIG NBC
2/8/2014 Boundless Nederland NRC Handelsblad
2/11/2014 Drones Intercepting Communications Intercept
2/15/2014 SUSLOC Trade Document NY Times
2/18/2014 GCHQ SIGDEV Intercept
2/18/2014 Discovery Sigint Targeting Scenarios and Compliance Intercept
2/24/2014 Training for Covert Online Operations Intercept
2/27/2014 GCHQ Optic Nerve Guardian
3/3/2014 DOJ Report on Pen Register FISA Orders EPIC
3/5/2014 Dutch Shares Collected Anti-Piracy Information with NSA NRC Handelsblad