July 30, 2020 - 12:45pm PDT

RightsCon Panel #7909
American PII and the United State(s) of privacy law

RightsCon; 12:45pm -1:45pm PT

The debate around state and federal data protection laws is raging in the United States. Separate states have passed a variety of laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act, and more states are considering proposals. At the same time, members of Congress in DC have introduced several bills on data protection, with significant variance in how much protection they would actually provide. Speakers will survey the current state of these debates, including the positive and negative aspects of the various federal and state laws and proposals, discuss what a data protection law must contain—and what it should not—including how to build on current laws like the GDPR.

Speakers will engage in a discussion about likely next steps toward passing a law and ways individuals can meaningfully engage in the process.

Moderator: Amie Stepanovich, Executive Director, Silicon Flatirons


Keir Lamont, Policy Counsel,  Computer & Communications Industry Association

Eric Null, United States Policy Manager, Access Now

Hayley Tsukayama, Legislative Activist, EFF