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Deeplinks Blog

D.C. Court's "State Secrets" Ruling May Have Broader Consequences

A little noticed federal appeals court ruling may have broader consequences for the Administration's attempt to shield its illegal spying program from judicial scrutiny. In Sealed Case, __ F. 3d __ 2007 WL 2067029 (D.C. Cir. July 20, 2007), the plaintiff brought suit against the government on the basis of...

How Ma Bell Fought for Your Privacy - 80 Years Ago

Once upon a time, nearly eighty years ago, AT&T fought at the Supreme Court to stop the government's warrantless surveillance of Americans' private communications. How times have changed. Since its participation in the president's illegal wiretapping program came to light in late 2005, AT&T has desperately tried to avoid accountability...

Congress Passes NSA Spying Bill (Updated)

Update 7:21 PM: Congress has now passed the Administration's spying bill and landed a huge blow to all Americans' privacy. Thanks to everyone who took action to voice their opposition, and shame on the members of Congress who bowed to the Administration's scaremongering and disregarded the rights and interests...

CCIA Targets Bogus Copyright Warnings

Copyright warnings -- like those "FBI Warnings" on DVDs, stickers on CDs, and warnings flashed during NFL broadcasts -- are becoming increasingly common. Trouble is, most of these warnings are blatantly misleading (and, in the case of DVDs, unskippable), claiming that any and all unauthorized uses are forbidden by...


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