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colorful letters on a black background spell out 2019: Year in Review

The Year in Corporate Speech Controls

Content moderation and its effects remained at the forefront of the public imagination in 2019, with stories of takedowns from Sweden to Syria and everywhere in between gaining media attention. Inconsistent and unfair moderation from companies—often under great pressure from governments and other external actors—is still a serious...
colorful letters on a black background spell out 2019: Year in Review

Protests and Technology in Latin America: 2019 in Review

Growing dissatisfaction with political leadership. Social and economic constraints. Reprisals against austerity measures. Harassment against community and political leaders. All issues that in different combinations have led to massive protests and political upheaval in recent months in Latin America. They have left a mark in 2019 and, along with them...
A line drawing on graph paper depicting a troll encaged in a low cage from which escape would be easy.

Time to Save Alice: 2019 Year in Review 

All too often, software patents stop more innovation than they promote. Patents are legal instruments that can be used to sue people and companies for creating, selling, or using software. Very often, the entities wielding software patents are “patent trolls”—companies that make money off suing and threatening to sue others...


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