The Cybertiger has escaped his Zoom meetings, yes! YES! The Cybertiger is out!

After over two years of virtual meetings, EFF's Cooper "Cybertiger" Quintin returned to the stage, live and in-person! Friends reunited, suspicions that all our coworkers were actually holograms were assuaged (for now), and the tacos were delicious. So, so, delicious.

After some much needed comradery, the competition was on! Five teams put their tech know-how to the test, all vying for the chance to win an EFF prize pack, the new championship trophies, and perhaps most importantly, the bragging rights.

Left to right: 2nd, 1st, and 3rd place awards, middle award shifts from red to lime

Last year it was mugs, now it's rainbows!

What began as a spin-off of EFF Cyberlaw Trivia, Tech Trivia Night is now in its sixth year (they grow up so fast) of testing players' knowledge on the fascinating, obscure, and trivial minutiae of digital security, online rights, and Internet culture.

With the awards gleaming in all their rainbow glory, Quintin introduced the highly esteemed judges: Andrés Arrieta, Jon Callas, and Syd Young. As with any fair competition, judges could be bribed with Burger King, KFC, fungible tokens, and answer sheet doodles!

Doodles to bribe the judges: (left to right) unicorn with scythe, cow, cat with skull, platypus

Doodles to bribe the judges.

After a challenging first three rounds, team "And In First" lived up to their name and gained the lead early. Team "Masters of Disaster" were hot on their heels, but ultimately finished just 2 points behind, with team "Anonymous Lorises" taking 3rd place.

The winning team, "And In First"!

1st place team, And In First

In second place, "Masters of Disaster"!

2nd place team, Masters of Disaster

In third place, "Anonymous Lorises"!

3rd place team, Anonymous Lorises

Many thanks to this year's sponsors Bishop Fox and! If you or your company are interested in supporting a future EFF event, please contact Nicole Puller.

EFF's sincere appreciation goes out to of the participants who joined us for a great quiz over tacos and drinks while never losing sight of our mission to drive the online rights movement forward. We salute the digital freedom supporters around the world who have helped ensure that EFF can continue working in the courts and with policymakers, activists, technologists, and the public to protect online privacy and free expression.

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