Power Up Your Donation Week is here! Starting on #GivingTuesday, your contribution to EFF will have double the impact on digital privacy, security, and free speech rights for everyone.

Power Up

Donate today and get an automatic 2x match!

A group of passionate EFF supporters has created a special fund and issued a challenge: donate to EFF by December 7th and they’ll automatically match contributions up to a total of $308,500! This means every dollar you give becomes two dollars for EFF.

The Power Up Your Donation Week matching drive doubles the impact of public support for internet freedom. EFF members allow our team of attorneys, activists, and technologists to lead user-focused initiatives to: expand encryption across the web; protect privacy on our devices; develop tools like EFF’s Privacy Badger and Certbot; fight policies that enable censorship; end privacy-harming police practices; advocate for a future-proof internet that won’t leave people behind; and so much more.

With help from members around the world, we are taking on the big fights that no one else can. Give today and power up the movement for a better digital future.

Pack Twice the Punch for Internet Freedom

If you're already an EFF member, you can help by inviting your friends and colleagues to get involved! Here’s some sample language you can share:

It’s more important than ever to fight for technology users' rights. Join me in supporting @EFF this week, and your donation will pack double the punch with an automatic 2X match. https://eff.org/power-up

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Tech users everywhere rely on your support and EFF’s battle-hardened skill to defend civil liberties and human rights online. Give today and ensure that there is a vocal, independent force for tech users when they need it most.

Power Up

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