EFF is one of the three non-profits featured in CREDO's giving pool this month. If you're a CREDO customer or member of its action network, vote for EFF before the end of the month to help direct as much as $150,000 to support the defense of digital civil liberties!

Since its founding, CREDO members have raised more than $81 million for different charities. Each month, CREDO selects three groups to receive a portion of donations that the selected nonprofits then use to drive positive change. CREDO customers generate funds as they use paid services—like making phone calls or using credit cards—and members can vote on how to distribute donations among the selected charities. The more votes a group receives, the higher its share of that month's donations.

EFF is proud to stand alongside organizations that defend users' rights. Last fall, CREDO revealed that EFF had been representing them in a long legal battle over the constitutionality of national security letters (NSLs). The FBI has issued unknown numbers of NSL demands for companies' customer information without a warrant or court supervision; NSLs are typically accompanied by a gag order, making it difficult for the recipients to complain or resist. Until recently, such a gag prevented CREDO from disclosing it had received two NSLs in 2013. However, in March, a district court found that the FBI had failed to demonstrate the need for this particular gag, allowing CREDO to explain why the legal challenge is important to the company and its customers.

We are honored to be one of January's charities, and we hope you will vote for us. You can also support our work by spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook or just becoming an EFF member!