February 13, 2006 | By Danny O'Brien

Call Your Rep on the House Judiciary to Unlock the NSA Wiretaps

H.Res.643 is a "resolution of inquiry" that calls for the Attorney General to hand over to the House of Representatives all documents "relating to warrantless electronic surveillance of telephone conversations and electronic communications of persons in the United States conducted by the National Security Agency." We're asking EFF supporters whose representatives are on this key committee (find out if you are one) to call him or her, and vote to uncover what's going on at the NSA.

The NSA's growing surveillance powers should concern everyone. Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives all have a stake in preserving our fundamental freedoms and balancing the power of the executive with Congressional oversight. As David Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union, has said, "This is not a partisan issue; it is an issue of safeguarding the fundamental freedoms of all Americans so that future administrations do not interpret our laws in ways that pose constitutional concerns."

House resolutions are not binding, but they do give representatives the opportunity to raise issues in the House. By tradition, they oblige the Executive to respond.

We're convinced that the more politicians hear of the NSA's Program and their voters' concerns over it, the more worried they will become. To stand against the Administration and even their own political party, both Democratic and Republican representatives need your support.

On Wednesday, the resolution goes before the House Judiciary Committee. If your representative is on the House Judiciary, you can call and ask him or her now to support the resolution. Our Action Center can step you through the process. It will only take a couple of minutes - but it will show politicians of every stripe how badly we all need to know who is listening in, and why.

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