Amul Kalia

Analyst & Intake Coordinator
415-436-9333 x159

After attempting to volunteer with the EFF for a long time, Amul did the next best thing and joined the organization as a staff member in March 2014. Amul is particularly interested in EFF's work relating to new technologies being used to investigate crimes and their constitutional implications.

At EFF, Amul helps our staff spot opportunities where it would be helpful for EFF to add its voice. He mostly works with our attorneys in keeping a pulse on emerging legal digital rights issues, and finding opportunities for us to get involved. He engages our activists in identifying issues that are worthy of advocacy—especially when legal action is not necessarily the best approach. He flags digital liberties threats outside of the United States to members of our international team. When users have questions or concerns regarding our technology projects, he works with the appropriate technologist to address them and communicate how our tools contribute to a private, secure, and open web. He also assists our membership team in answering member questions with the goal of making sure that our members feel excited about supporting our important work.

In addition to communicating one-on-one with the general public and our supporters, Amul writes on EFF's Deeplinks blog on issues ranging from intellectual property to the overbroad nature of computer crime statutes. Amul also has public speaking experience discussing EFF’s work to a diverse constituency ranging from high school students to ACLU chapters.

Amul attended University of California, Berkeley and studied Political Science and Public Policy. Prior to EFF, he was a policy intern at the California Lieutenant Governor's Office and worked as a field organizer on a successful congressional campaign. In his free time, Amul enjoys reading, making new friends, and keeping it real.

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