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ODTC Case:  CJ 191-92			[stamped] Aug 20 1992

YOUR LETTER DATED:  June 30, 1992

5.0 Software

After consultation with the Departments of Commerce, Defense and
other appropriate government agencies, the Department of State
has determined that the referenced commodity is subject to the
licensing jurisdiction of the Department of State in accordance
with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22 CFR 120
through 130).  This commodity is a stand-alone cryptographic
algorithm which is not incorporated into a finished software
product.  As such, it is designated as a defense article under 
U.S. Munitions List Category XIII(b)(l).  Licenses issued by
this office are required prior to export.

However, once Snuffle 5.0 is incorporated into a commercial
software product, that software may not be subject to Department
of State control.  Software incorporating Snuffle 5.0 should be
the subject of a separate commodity jurisdiction request.

Should you require further assistance on this matter, please
contact Maj. Gary Oncale at (703) 875-5655.



			 William B. Robinson
			 Office of Defense Trade Controls

Daniel J. Bernstein
[address deleted to
 protect his privacy]