A computer security researcher is set to demonstrate this weekend how simple it is to read and clone RFID tags from U.S. government-issued passport cards...

Hugh D'Andrade, an activist with the privacy watchdog Electronic Frontier Foundation, said any "average tech geek" easily could use the reader to steal passport data. He said the problem could prove particularly worrisome from a privacy perspective if there are multiple people carrying the passport card at a crowded event, such as a political rally.

"[RFID is] a great technology if you want to be able to scan items easily at a store," D'Andrade told SCMagazineUS.com on Friday. "EFF thinks it's a really risky technology when it's connected to a personal ID that the government issues. There are concerns that we could be building a world where people can be constantly tracked all the time."

Friday, February 6, 2009
SC Magazine

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