The Pew Internet and American Life Project today issued a report suggesting that use of peer-to-peer networks for downloading music has fallen in the wake of the recording industry's lawsuit campaign.

"While the RIAA's crusade may have discouraged some downloaders, today's Pew study shows that 1 in every 7 American Internet users continues to use software like Kazaa," noted EFF senior staff attorney Fred von Lohmann. "Every day that the record labels continue to subpoena and sue, they are losing customers and alienating music fans of all ages. It's hard to see a future in that plan."

"The music industry should give us a chance to pay a reasonable fee and make file sharing legal," said EFF staff attorney Jason Schultz. "After all, that's the same deal that radio stations have had for decades -- pay a blanket fee and play whatever you like on whatever equipment you like."

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