The EFF applauded the decision but was disappointed in the year-long delay.

"This 'access control' rule is supposed to protect against unlawful copying," said EFF attorney Kit Walsh. "But as we've seen in the recent Volkswagen scandal—where VW was caught manipulating smog tests—it can be used instead to hide wrongdoing hidden in computer code. We are pleased that analysts will now be able to examine the software in the cars we drive without facing legal threats from car manufacturers, and that the Librarian has acted to promote competition in the vehicle aftermarket and protect the long tradition of vehicle owners tinkering with their cars and tractors. The year-long delay in implementing the exemptions, though, is disappointing and unjustified. The VW smog tests and a long run of security vulnerabilities have shown researchers and drivers need the exemptions now."

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
ARS Technica

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