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Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

مولد دستورالعمل‌های Certbot در حال حاضر به زبان فارسی نیز موجود است

ابزار Certbot که متعلق به بنیاد مرزهای الکترونیک (EFF) می‌باشد به خودکارسازی گواهی‌های TLS/SSL برای سرورهای اینترنتی کمک می‌کند و باور ما این است که این باید یک حق جهانی باشد. Certbot یک پروژه آزاد و ابزار نرم‌فزاری منبع آزاد برای استفاده خودکار از گواهی‌های Let’s Encrypt می‌باشد و...

The logo of the Electronic Frontier Alliance.

PDX Privacy: Building Community Defenses in Difficult Times

The Electronic Frontier Alliance is made up of more than seventy groups of concerned community members, often including workers in the tech industry who see issues of the industry from the inside. One of the Alliance’s most active members is PDX Privacy, a Portland-based privacy group whose membership advocates for...

Copyright Regulator Eases Restrictions on Research, Education, and Repair

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has interfered with a staggering array of speech and innovation, from security research to accessibility for those with disabilities to remix and even repair. By forbidding unauthorized access to a copyrighted work—even for purposes that don’t infringe copyright—the DMCA effectively erased over a century...


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