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Deeplinks Blog

The Cypherpunks Strike Back - Tomorrow's Tech Activism Today

EFF-Austin, a member of the Electronic Frontier Alliance, is hosting it's annual party. As the Austin team explains: At EFF-Austin's beloved annual party, we will meet and engage with a variety of modern activists who are showing us how we can fight for a better world where our technology works...

EFF Benefit at NewCo Shift Forum

argodesign invites you for open bar and open conversation at their NewCo Shift Forum Charity After-Party at the St. Regis Hotel. For a suggested $100 donation benefiting EFF, guests will join the partners and cofounders of argodesign for a game night and opportunity to talk trends and possibilities...

EFF at NewCo Shift Forum

Join our Executive Director, Cindy Cohn, as she and UC Berkeley Chancellor Carol Christ take the stage for a discussion around Free Speech and the Corporation, on day two of Shift Forum. This 25 minute conversation will be moderated by Nellie Bowles, of The New York...

Net Neutrality with Citizens, Rise!

Join Citizens, Rise!, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Oakland Privacy for a discussion on net neutrality, privacy and how communities can organize to protect their rights!

Alternative News vs. the Surveillance State

The media has a crucial role to play in exposing how police are invading privacy through new technologies, and the alternative press has long been the standard bearers. At the 2018 Association of Alternative Newsmedia Digital Conference, EFF Investigative Researcher Dave Maass will provide an overview of surveillance tech and...

Build Your Own Internet

What if the internet wasn't about connecting to Comcast, AT&T, Google, or Facebook? What if it meant connecting directly with your friends, neighbors, and community...? Come over to the Omni Commons for the Build Your Own Internet (BYOI) workshop, featuring a panel on net neutrality including EFF's Shahid Buttar. Let's...

Unwarranted Surveillance

The Journal Of Law And Technology At Texas (JOLTT) and EFF-Austin are proud to present the panel Unwarranted Surveillance, featuring EFF's Shahid Buttar and Bobby Chesney and Steve Vladeck from the UT School of Law.

Human Rights Watch Film Festival

The EFF is proud to be a Community Partner for the 2018 Human Rights Watch Film Festival, where we're excited to help present Nicholas de Pencier's "Black Code" at the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA). "From Syrian citizens tortured for Facebook posts to Brazilian activists using social media to livestream...

EFA Organizers' Teleconference

Are you part of a student group, community organization, or hacker space? If not, do you know others who share your concerns about digital rights? Whether you're working to raise a voice in your community for privacy, security, creativity, access to knowledge, and free expression—or whether you're looking for ways...


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