EFF, ACLU, and Access Now released a statement in support of Apple and its stance on encryption last week. We called on the President to reject any attempt to force backdoors like the one the FBI was seeking to Apple’s operating system. We asked our communities to help by tweeting at the President.

Over three thousand people have joined us, sending a stream of tweets to the President.

Since then, the FBI has at least temporarily backed off its attempts to strong-arm Apple into defeating its own security. But the backdoor battle isn’t over: Obama still must answer our petition on encryption, signed by over 100,000 people.

It’s been 148 days since our SaveCrypto petition reached 100,000 signatures, crossing the threshold to require an official response from the White House. The people have spoken, and they came out powerfully against any action that would weaken the encryption we all depend on to protect our security. It’s time for the President to fulfill his duty and respond to his petitioners.

Join us on Twitter and Facebook in telling President Obama to stand up for strong crypto without backdoors. Let’s keep the tweets coming for a couple more days.

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