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Podcast Episode: Fighting Enshittification

Deeplinks Blog

Deeplinks Blog

EFF Members' Speakeasy: Pasadena, CA

Join EFF staff and local online rights supporters for a Speakeasy meet up on Friday, March 15 in Pasadena, CA! EFF staff will be in town attending SCALE 21x, please be sure to stop by the booth and say hi!Raise a glass and discover EFF's latest work defending digital...

Privacy Isn't Dead. Far From It.

Welcome! The fact that you’re reading this means that you probably care deeply about the issue of privacy, which warms our hearts. Unfortunately, even though you care about privacy, or perhaps because you care so much about it, you may feel that there's not much you (or anyone) can really...

UN Cybercrime Treaty - Civil Society Letter

Draft UN Cybercrime Treaty Could Make Security Research a Crime, Leading 124 Experts to Call on UN Delegates to Fix Flawed Provisions that Weaken Everyone’s Security

Security researchers’ work discovering and reporting vulnerabilities in software, firmware, networks, and devices protects people, businesses and governments around the world from malware, theft of critical data, and other cyberattacks. The internet and the digital ecosystem are safer because of their work.The UN Cybercrime Treaty,...

A cityscape with surveillance

什么是提案 E,为什么旧金山选民应该反对它?

如果您生活在旧金山,选民将在 2024 年 3 月 5 日对一系列本地特定议案进行投票表决,其中包括提案 E。提案 E 的支持者已经募得 100 多万美元筹款……但这项议案的具体内容是什么?我们将在此详细解读议案内容,并解释它会对旧金山居民带来怎样的危险,以及您为什么应该投反对票。


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