The Internet is global, and so are threats to digital freedom. That’s why EFF works in a range of international policy venues and with partner organizations worldwide to defend your digital rights. Here are some of the great things EFF achieved this year with our global partners and supporters like you:

  • Protecting Freedom of Expression. EFF has defended Wikileaks’ right to publish truthful information and the rights of Internet users to read and comment on that information under Article 19 of the UN Declaration on Human Rights. We are working with people across the globe to encourage governments and Internet intermediaries to take a stand against Internet censorship.

  • Ensuring Corporate Responsibility. EFF has worked with human rights organizations and leading technology companies in the Global Network Initiative to create a framework for public accountability to ensure that technology companies resist pressure from government censors in repressive countries and advance freedom of expression in their products and services.

  • Opposing Mandatory Data Retention. EFF has worked with public interest groups in Europe, and Latin America to campaign against mandatory data retention regimes in national laws and in international policy venues including the Internet Governance Forum.

  • Fighting Abuse of Cybercrime Legislation. EFF has supported local activists in Brazil and Thailand fighting against the abuse and misuse of cybercrime laws to suppress legitimate activity. EFF is fighting to secure privacy rights and civil liberties protections in the legislative implementation of the Council of Europe’s Cybercrime Convention.

  • Standing Up For the Rights of Internet Users. EFF has fought efforts to make Internet intermediaries copyright police by opposing efforts to require them to monitor, filter, and block content, and adopt Three Strikes’ Internet disconnection policies without judicial oversight and due process. We’ve led civil society efforts at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and collaborated with digital rights groups and consumer advocates to oppose these initiatives in ACTA, the U.S., Europe, and other countries.

  • Opposing Secret IP Laws for the Internet. EFF has worked with citizens and groups across the world to oppose new global IP enforcement laws in the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. We led the charge to shed light on the secret agreement, filing the first freedom of information lawsuit against the US Trade Representative’s Office, and helped more than 12,900 of our supporters voice their concerns to their Congressional representatives since 2008.

  • Making Copyright Laws Accessible. We added across-country search functionality to Copyright Watch – the collection of 187 countries’ copyright laws which we launched with the international library community in 2009 -- to facilitate comparative policy research and support national advocacy.

  • Making Information More Accessible. EFF has helped make knowledge and information accessible to more people across the world by fighting for exceptions and limitations to copyright for the reading disabled, for libraries and archives, for educational purposes, and for innovative services.

All of these things are only possible because of the donations we receive from individuals like you. We appreciate each and every contribution we receive, and we make every donation count in the fight for freedom on the electronic frontier. Please help sustain this important work by giving a year-end donation. Thanks for your continued support!

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