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Transparency in Government?


Transparency in Government?

At dawn on January 20, some of the earliest of millions of inauguration-goers stationed along Pennsylvania Avenue might have caught a glimpse of a truck—or three—backing up to the White House to take deliveries of history: calendars, disks, executive orders, hard drives, memos, notes, photographs, tapes, and any other records former President George W. Bush had not turned over to the United States National Archives and Records Administration by then...

“Increasingly there is a broad array of alternative modes of communication that all of us use in all aspects of our lives, and the concept of one e-mail account that’s used exclusively for one purpose is really starting to erode due to mobility and a variety of other factors,” says David Sobel, who litigates FOIA cases as a senior counsel for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a nonprofit group that seeks to protect civil liberties threatened by emerging technologies.

Friday, February 13, 2009
Washington Lawyer

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