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Web crew hits Dallas to snap street-level views


Web crew hits Dallas to snap street-level views

What Kory Dunton saw last week from behind the wheel of her Chevrolet, Tina Winslow will soon be able to access from her Mac Pro.
Ms. Winslow is intrigued by the prospect, but also a bit worried.

Stephen Chau, Google products manager, said Street View is an efficiency tool, allowing users to preview an unfamiliar neighborhood, judge whether parking will be a problem, even refresh their memories about what a restaurant or office building looks lik

But Rebecca Jeschke, a spokeswoman for the online privacy advocate Electronic Frontier Foundation, still has concerns.

"People are used to a certain amount of anonymity as they go about the day. They may be going to AA meetings, clinics, even hospitals," she said. "There are things you want to keep private."

Sunday, December 23, 2007
Dallas Morning News

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