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Viacom: We goofed on Colbert parody takedown notice; case dismissed

July 18, 2007

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Viacom have agreed to dismiss a lawsuit accusing Viacom of misusing the DMCA after the entertainment company admitted it erred in issuing a takedown notice to YouTube. The EFF and the Stanford Law School's Fair Use Project filed the lawsuit after Viacom issued the DMCA takedown notice over a clip parodying comedian Stephen Colbert, whose Colbert Report airs on Viacom's Comedy Central channel...

"With Viacom sending more than 160,000 DMCA takedown notices, it may not even be aware which videos it told YouTube to remove," said the EFF. "If that's right, then Viacom will inevitably end up censoring some perfectly legitimate videos-surely, the MoveOn/Brave New Films video is not the only example of a fair use that got caught in Viacom's driftnet."

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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