San Francisco - An ad from the Electronic Frontier
Foundation (EFF) intended for the more than 60 million U.S.
residents sharing music files online appeared in Rolling
Stone's August 9 issue, hitting the stands today.

The EFF ad -- part of an ongoing campaign to protect the
rights of people sharing music online while compensating
artists -- shows several music fans in a police-style lineup
accused of sharing files online using peer-to-peer (P2P)
technology like Kazaa and Morpheus. The ad copy reads,
"Tired of being treated like a criminal for sharing music
online?" and "File-Sharing: It's Music to Our Ears."

"EFF created the 'Let the Music Play' campaign to raise
awareness about critical changes needed in copyright law and
industry practice," explained EFF Executive Director Shari
Steele. "We want to make sure artists get paid without
making criminals out of the over 60 million music lovers who
use file sharing networks in the U.S."

The EFF ad will also appear in Spin, Blender, Vibe, PC
Gamer, and Computer Gaming World over the next two months.



Shari Steele

  Executive Director

  Electronic Frontier Foundation

  +1 415 436-9333 x103