NSA Primary Sources

Date Documentsort descending Media Outlet
8/16/2013 "So You Got a US Person?" training slide November 8, 2011 Washington Post
9/28/2015 (S//SI//REL) Exploiting Foreign Lawful Intercept (LI) Roundtable Intercept
6/26/2015 (U) CI-030-05 Close Out for "Bush Lets U.S. Spy on Callers without Courts" - Action Memorandum Intercept
4/4/2014 2009 SIGDEV Conference Intercept
9/25/2015 200G Iris Access Intercept
5/19/2014 20140519-Intercept-SSO Mystic Charts Intercept
1/17/2015 4th Party Collection - Taking Advantage of Non-partner Exploitation Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 A Potential Technique to Deanonymise Users of the TOR Network Der Spiegel
11/25/2014 Access Breakdown Süddeutsche Zeitung
9/25/2015 Access Vision 2013 Intercept
12/11/2013 Accomplishments from NSA SVT
9/25/2015 ADD SD Black Hole Analytics Intercept
3/18/2014 Adding Another Country to Mystic Program Washington Post
7/1/2015 Advanced HTTP Activity Analysis Intercept
6/30/2014 Affidavit of Keith Alexander Regarding Spying on Foreign Entities Washington Post
11/22/2013 Afghanistan Collection Dagbladet
11/19/2013 AG Guidelines for Domestic FBI Operations US Government
6/18/2014 Agenda for the visit of BSI Vice President Andreas Könen to the NSA Der Spiegel
11/30/2013 AIVD SIGINT NRC Handelsblad
12/28/2014 Analysis From SSL-TLS Connections Through GCHQ In the Flying Pig Database Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Analysis of Chinese Methods and Performed Actions In the Context of Computer Network Exploitation Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Analytic Challenges From Active-Passive Integration When NSA Attacks IPSEC VPNs Der Spiegel
6/16/2014 Analytics for targets in Europe Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Analytics on Security of TOR Hidden Services Der Spiegel
7/1/2015 Analyzing Mobile Cellular DNI in XKS Intercept
9/28/2015 Another Successful Olympics Story Intercept
1/17/2015 APEX Method of Combining Passive With Active Methods to Exfiltrate Data From Networks Attacked Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 APEX Shaping to Put Exfiltrating Network Traffic Into Plausible Deniability Der Spiegel
9/25/2015 Architecture Risk 2012 Intercept
7/1/2015 ASFD Readme Intercept
3/11/2014 Ashcroft Memo on Intelligence Sharing Procedures NY Times
8/15/2015 AT&T Fairview Stormbrew NY Times
12/4/2014 Auroragold Project Overview Intercept
12/4/2014 Auroragold Target Technology Trends Center Support to WPMO Intercept
12/4/2014 Auroragold Working Aid Intercept
12/4/2014 Auroragold Working Group Intercept
8/3/2015 Back in Time the ECHELON Story Intercept
12/11/2013 Baltic Region SVT
6/18/2014 Black Budget Dagbladet
5/19/2014 Black Budget Intercept
5/5/2015 Black Budget 262 Intercept
5/5/2015 Black Budget 360-364 Intercept
8/3/2015 Blast from the Past YRS in the Beginning Intercept
9/25/2015 Blazing Saddles Tools Intercept
12/28/2014 BLUESNORT Program on Net Defense From Encrypted Communications Der Spiegel
11/4/2013 Boundless Informant El Mundo
11/22/2013 Boundless Informant Dagbladet
6/8/2013 Boundless Informant Explanation/FAQ Slides September 6, 2012 Guardian
11/22/2013 Boundless Informant FAQ Dagbladet
10/21/2013 Boundless Informant France Le Monde
6/8/2013 Boundless Informant Introduction Slides July 13, 2012 Guardian
6/18/2014 Boundless Informant overview (global) Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Boundless Informant statistics for so-called Third Parties Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Boundless Informant statistics on data from "Foreign Partners" Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Boundless Informant statistics on Germany Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Boundless Informant statistics on the UK Der Spiegel
2/8/2014 Boundless Nederland NRC Handelsblad
6/18/2014 Briefing on the visit to the NSA of a high-ranking BND official Der Spiegel
2/4/2014 British Spies Attacked Hactivist Anonymous NBC
9/25/2015 Broadcast Analysis Intercept
1/17/2015 BYZANTINE HADES - NSA Research on Targets of Chinese Network Exploitation Tools Der Spiegel
11/25/2014 Cable Master List AC Süddeutsche Zeitung
11/25/2014 Cable Master List FEA Süddeutsche Zeitung
10/25/2013 Cable regarding cyber attacks on French Presidential Network April 12, 2013 Le Monde
11/25/2014 Cable Regions Süddeutsche Zeitung
11/25/2014 Cables No Current Access Süddeutsche Zeitung
11/25/2014 Cables Where We Are Süddeutsche Zeitung
11/25/2014 Cables Where We Want to Be Süddeutsche Zeitung
7/1/2015 CADENCE Readme Intercept
12/28/2014 Canadian Document From CES on TLS Trends Der Spiegel
7/1/2015 Category Throttling Intercept
12/4/2013 Chalkfun Foreignness Washington Post
8/25/2014 CIA Colleagues Enthusiastically Welcome NSA Training Intercept
1/17/2015 Classification Guide For Computer Network Exploitation (CNE) Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Classification Guide For Cryptanalysis Der Spiegel
3/11/2014 Classification Guide for FISA, the Protect America Act and the FISA Amendments Act NY Times
3/11/2014 Classification Guide for Stellarwind Program NY Times
10/25/2013 Close Access Sigads September 10, 2010 (listing French Embassy) Le Monde
9/25/2015 Cloud Developers Exchange July 2011 Intercept
7/1/2015 CNE Analysis in XKS Intercept
11/25/2014 CNE EndPoint Project Load Süddeutsche Zeitung
10/10/2014 CNO Core Secrets Intercept
10/10/2014 CNO Core Secrets Security Structure Intercept
10/10/2014 CNO Core Secrets Slide Slices Intercept
5/28/2015 Cognitive Overflow? Intercept
8/31/2014 Collaboration in Overdrive Der Spiegel
11/3/2013 Collection Accesses 30 Nov 2009 NY Times
11/20/2013 Collection, Processing and Dissemination of Allied Communications Guardian
1/17/2015 Combination of Offensive and Defensive Missions - How Fourth-party Missions are Being Performed Der Spiegel
7/1/2015 Comms Readme Intercept
10/10/2014 Computer Network Exploitation Classification Guide Intercept
8/3/2015 COMSAT Background Intercept
8/3/2015 COMSAT Cyprus Technical Capability Intercept
9/25/2015 Content-Metadata Matrix Intercept
1/27/2014 Converged Analysis on Smartphone Devices NY Times
6/18/2014 Cooperation between the NSA, BND and BfV Der Spiegel
1/30/2014 COP15 Interception Document Information DK
1/30/2014 COP15 Interception Document Information DK
11/1/2013 Corporate FAA Reporting Metrics Guardian
12/10/2013 Cotraveler Overview Washington Post
8/3/2015 CQV Fields Nov 2010 Intercept
8/25/2014 CRISSCROSS/PROTON Point Paper Intercept
9/25/2015 Crypt Defense Operations Legal Policy Intercept
9/25/2015 Crypt Discovery Activity Intercept
3/23/2015 CSE Cyberwarfare Toolbox (Collection) CBC
1/28/2015 CSE Presentation on the LEVITATION Project CBC
1/31/2014 CSEC Airport WiFi Tracking CBC
11/30/2013 CSEC Brazil Globe and Mail
1/17/2015 CSEC Document About the Recognition of Trojans and Other network Based Anomaly Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 CSEC Document on the Handling of Existing Trojans When Trojanizing Computers Der Spiegel
6/4/2015 Cyber Surveillance Documents New York Times
5/28/2015 Data is Not Intelligence Intercept
9/25/2015 Data Stored in BLACK HOLE Intercept
5/19/2014 DEA Warfighter Intercept
12/28/2014 Decryption of VPN Connections Within the VALIANTSURF Program Der Spiegel
7/1/2015 DEEPDIVE Readme Intercept
9/25/2015 Demystifying NGE Rock Ridge Intercept
3/18/2014 Description of Data Collection Under Mystic Washington Post
12/28/2014 Description of Existing Projects on VPN Decryption Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Description of VOIP Telephony Encryption Methods and Other Ways to Attack Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Description on the Processing of VPN Data Packets Within the TURMOIL Program Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Details on XKeyscore from an internal GCHQ website Der Spiegel
8/5/2014 Directorate of Terrorist Identities (DTI) Strategic Accomplishments 2013 Intercept
2/18/2014 Discovery Sigint Targeting Scenarios and Compliance Intercept
1/16/2014 Dishfire Presentation Guardian
8/25/2014 DNI Decision Memorandum on ICREACH Intercept
7/1/2015 DNI101 Intercept
5/28/2015 Do We Need A Bigger SIGINT Truck? Intercept
1/17/2015 Document About the Expansion of the Remote Operations Center (ROC) on Endpoint Operations Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Document Explaining the Role of the Remote Operations Center (ROC) Der Spiegel
6/27/2013 DOJ Memo from November 20, 2007 Proposing Amendment to DOD procedures to allow NSA to do contact chaining of metadata related to US Persons Guardian
3/3/2014 DOJ Report on Pen Register FISA Orders EPIC
2/11/2014 Drones Intercepting Communications Intercept
6/30/2013 Dropmire Guardian
11/17/2013 DSD 3G Guardian
12/2/2013 DSD Data Guardian
3/5/2014 Dutch Shares Collected Anti-Piracy Information with NSA NRC Handelsblad
10/10/2014 ECI Compartments Intercept
10/10/2014 ECI Pawleys Classification Guide Intercept
10/10/2014 ECI WHIPGENIE Classification Guide Intercept
7/1/2015 Email Address vs User Activity Intercept
6/18/2014 ESOC- Report on the experiences of one NSA worker Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 ESOC- Report on the experiences of one NSA worker Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 European Technical Center- Report on the experiences of one NSA worker Der Spiegel
9/25/2015 Event Analysis Intercept
9/25/2015 Events Intercept
10/10/2014 Exceptionally Controlled Information Listing Intercept
1/17/2015 Excerpt From the Secret NSA Budget on Computer Network Operations - Code Word GENIE Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Excerpt on the sharing of XKeyscore with German intelligence agency BfV Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Explanation of A Potential Technique to Deanonymise Users of the TOR Network Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Explanation of Nymrod Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Explanation of the GALLANTWAVE That Decrypts VPN Traffic Within LONGHAUL Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Explanation of the POISENNUT Product and Its Role When Attacking VPN Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Explanation of the Transform Engine Emulator When Attacking VPN Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Explanation of the TURMOIL GALLANTWAVE Program and Its Role When Attacking VPN Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Explanation on the SPIN9 Program on End-to-end Attacks on VPN Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Exploring and Exploiting Leaky Mobile Apps With BADASS Der Spiegel
9/25/2015 Fairview Latest Snowden Document Reveals US Spied On German Intelligence Der Spiegel
5/28/2015 Fallacies Behind the Scenes Intercept
6/18/2014 FAQs on the Boundless Informant program Der Spiegel
12/4/2013 Fascia Washington Post
9/14/2014 Ferguson Visit Precis Intercept
1/17/2015 Fifth Party Access - When Fourth Party Puts Others Under Surveillance Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Final agenda of a meeting between high-ranking NSA and BND officials Der Spiegel
12/11/2013 Final Agenda Sweden USA SVT
7/1/2015 Finding and Querying Document Metadata Intercept
6/30/2014 FISA Amendments Act Summary Document Washington Post
6/30/2014 FISA Judge's Order Authorizing Surveillance of Foreign Entities Washington Post
3/12/2014 Five Eyes Hacking Large Routers Intercept
12/5/2013 FRA Russia SVT
7/1/2015 Free File Uploaders Intercept
3/21/2014 French Intelligence E-Mail Spying Operation Le Monde
7/1/2015 Full Log vs HTTP Intercept
8/30/2013 FY 2013 Congressional Budget Summary February 2012 National Intelligence Program Summary ("black budget") Washington Post
5/18/2015 FY13 Black Budget on Bin Laden Raid Intercept
12/2/2013 G20 Summit CBC
3/29/2014 GCHQ and NSA Spy on Heads of State Der Spiegel
12/14/2014 GCHQ Automated NOC Detection Intercept
12/28/2014 GCHQ Briefing on the BULLRUN Program Der Spiegel
8/12/2014 GCHQ Covert Mobile Phones Policy Intercept
4/4/2014 GCHQ Full Spectrum Cyber Effects Intercept
2/7/2014 GCHQ Honey Trap Cyber Attack_Background on JTRIG NBC
2/7/2014 GCHQ Honey Trap Cyber Attack_Leveraging Foreign Journalists via JTRIG NBC
12/14/2014 GCHQ Hopscotch Intercept
12/14/2014 GCHQ Making Network Sense of the Encryption Intercept
6/22/2015 GCHQ Ministry Stakeholder Relationships Spreadsheets Intercept
12/14/2014 GCHQ Mobile Networks In My NOC World Intercept
10/4/2013 GCHQ Mullenize Washington Post
12/14/2014 GCHQ NAC Review April June 2011 Intercept
12/14/2014 GCHQ NAC Review January March 2012 Intercept
12/14/2014 GCHQ NAC Review July Sept 2011 Intercept
12/14/2014 GCHQ NAC Review October December 2011 Intercept
4/2/2015 GCHQ Operation QUITO to Shape Falklands Public Opinion (Collection) Intercept
2/27/2014 GCHQ Optic Nerve Guardian
12/28/2014 GCHQ Presentation on the BULLRUN Programs Decryption Capabilities Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 GCHQ report on the technical abilities of TEMPORA Der Spiegel
2/18/2014 GCHQ SIGDEV Intercept
9/20/2013 GCHQ Slides on Belgacom Der Spiegel
12/14/2014 GCHQ Stargate CNE Requirements Intercept
4/30/2014 GCHQ Visit Intercept
7/14/2014 GCHQ’s Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group Intercept
3/5/2015 GCSB SIGINT Development Quarterly Report NZ Herald
3/16/2015 GCSB XKEYSCORE Search Query Intercept
12/28/2014 General Description How NSA Handles Encrypted Traffic Der Spiegel
12/10/2013 Ghost Machine Washington Post
4/30/2014 Ghostmachine Intercept
9/28/2015 Gold Medal Support for Olympic Games Intercept
10/28/2013 Graphic showing phone calls intercepted in Spain December 2012 El Mundo
12/10/2013 GSM Classification Guide Washington Post
12/28/2014 Guide For Analysts on How to Use the PRISM Skype Collection Der Spiegel
7/1/2015 Guide to Using Contexts in XKS Fingerprints Intercept
6/18/2014 Guidelines for the classification of NSA SIGINT details (1945-1967) Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Guidelines for the classification of SUSLAG details and the NSA-BND cooperation Der Spiegel
8/15/2014 HACIENDA Program Heise
1/17/2015 HIDDENSALAMANDER -Recognition of Botnet Activity and Options For Takeover of Clients and Data Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 History and current state of cooperation between the NSA and BND Der Spiegel
3/15/2014 How NSA Servers Masquerade In Order to Infect Target with Malware Intercept
9/25/2015 HRA Auditing Intercept
7/1/2015 HTTP Activity in XKS Intercept
7/1/2015 HTTP Activity vs User Activity Intercept
5/5/2015 Human Language Technology Intercept
8/25/2014 ICREACH Black Budget Extract Intercept
8/25/2014 ICREACH Wholesale Sharing Intercept
8/25/2014 ICREACH: Sharing SIGINT Comms Metadata with the Intel Community Memo Intercept
5/31/2014 Identity Intelligence New York Times
5/28/2015 In Praise of Not Knowing Intercept
3/12/2014 Increasing Collection Capacity by Increasing Implants Intercept
11/4/2013 Info Sharing Partners El Mundo
10/14/2013 Intellipedia entry - Special Source Organization (SSO) Collection Optimization Overview Washington Post
12/28/2014 Intercept With OTR Encrypted Chat Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Intercept With PGP Encrypted Message Der Spiegel
11/19/2013 Interim Competency Test for Access to FISA Data US Government
6/18/2014 Internal NSA discussion guidelines in preparation for a meeting with high-ranking BND officials Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Internal NSA discussion guidelines relating to cooperation with the BND and BfV Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Internal NSA presentation on the BND's organization Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Interview With NSA's Department For Tailored Access Operations Der Spiegel
7/1/2015 Intro to Connect Sensitive Scanning with XKS Fingerprints Intercept
12/28/2014 Intro to the VPN Exploitation Process Mentioning the Protocols Attacked - PPTP, IPSEC, SSL, SSH) Der Spiegel
7/1/2015 Intro to XKS Appids and Fingerprints Intercept
6/22/2015 Intrusion Analysis - GCHQ Intercept
1/17/2015 iPhone Target Analysis and Exploitation With Apple's Unique Device Identifiers (UDID) Der Spiegel
12/4/2014 IR21 A Technology Warning Mechanism Intercept
2/10/2015 Iran Current Topics - Interactions with GCHQ Intercept
8/31/2014 Iraq UK Load Sharing Carriers Der Spiegel
5/28/2015 Is There a Sustainable Ops Tempo in S2? How Can Analysts Deal with the Flood of Collection? Intercept
9/11/2013 Israel Sharing Guardian
8/3/2014 Israel-US 1999 Agreement Intercept
12/5/2013 Italy Spying L'Espresso
9/25/2015 JCE UK Legalities Context Intercept
8/31/2014 Jordan Belgium Der Spiegel
5/18/2015 JTAC Attack Methodology Intercept
6/22/2015 Kaspersky User-Agent Strings - NSA Intercept
6/18/2014 Keith Alexander Talking Points Dagbladet
9/14/2014 Key Activities In Progress Intercept
8/31/2014 Kurdistan Regional Government Der Spiegel
1/28/2014 Leaky Phone Apps Guardian
5/28/2015 Leave Pebbles, Not Breadcrumbs, for Those Coming After You Intercept
12/11/2013 Legal Issues UK Regarding Sweden and Quantum SVT
9/25/2015 Legalities Intercept
6/30/2014 List of Foreign Entities Authorized for Surveillance Washington Post
12/10/2013 Location Cookies Washington Post
6/18/2014 Logo of NSA-BND cooperation Der Spiegel
2/4/2015 Lovely Horse Intercept
12/28/2014 MALIBU Architecture Overview to Exploit VPN Communication Der Spiegel
6/22/2015 Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering - ACNO Skill Levels Intercept
7/15/2015 Manhunting Timeline 2008 Intercept
7/23/2014 March 2013 Watchlisting Guidance Intercept
5/21/2015 Medical pattern of life Intercept
8/25/2014 Metadata Policy Conference Intercept
8/25/2014 Metadata Sharing Memorandum Intercept
1/17/2015 Methods to Exfiltrate Data Even From Devices Which are Supposed to Be Offline Der Spiegel
3/12/2014 MHS Leverages XKeyscore for Quantum Intercept
11/26/2013 Microsoft Cloud Exploitation Washington Post
11/26/2013 Microsoft Monkey Puzzle Washington Post
6/20/2013 Minimization Procedures used by NSA in Connection with Data Acquisitions Pursuant to 702 FISC July 29, 2009 Guardian
1/27/2014 Mobile Theme Briefing NY Times
11/25/2014 MTI Access Project Weekly Status February 6 2009 Süddeutsche Zeitung
11/25/2014 MTI Access Project Weekly Status June 27 2008 Süddeutsche Zeitung
11/25/2014 MTI Access Project Weekly Status November 28 2008 Süddeutsche Zeitung
3/12/2014 Multiple Methods of Quantum Intercept
10/30/2013 MUSCULAR slide "Current Efforts on Google" Washington Post
5/19/2014 Mystic Intercept
3/18/2014 Mystic Program Washington Post
12/28/2014 National Information Assurance Research Laboratory (NIARL) TUNDRA Der Spiegel
2/4/2015 NATO Civilian Intelligence Council Cyber Panel Intercept
8/31/2014 NCRs with Foreign Relations Missions Become SUSLAs Der Spiegel
5/18/2015 NCTC Current Status of Major Terrorism Figures Intercept
6/22/2015 NDIST - GCHQ's Developing Cyber Defence Mission Intercept
3/11/2015 New Zealand GCSB Spying (Collection) NZ Herald
9/25/2015 Next Generation Events Redacted Intercept
9/25/2015 NGE BLACK HOLE ConOp Intercept
5/13/2014 No Place to Hide Documents Glenn Greenwald
11/19/2013 Norway Collection Dagbladet
6/18/2014 Nostalgic recollections from NSA workers formerly stationed in Bad Aibling Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 NSA - GCHQ Crypt Discovery Joint Collaboration Activity Der Spiegel
12/30/2013 NSA ANT Catalog Jacob Appelbaum
3/7/2014 NSA Ask Zelda_An Interview with Zelda Intercept
3/7/2014 NSA Ask Zelda_Guilty Until Proven Innocent Intercept
3/7/2014 NSA Ask Zelda_Is Bain de Soleil a Bane on the NSA Intercept
3/7/2014 NSA Ask Zelda_Watching Every Word in Snitch City Intercept
10/20/2013 NSA Cable dated November 10, 2010 discussing hacking of Mexican President's email Der Spiegel
9/5/2013 NSA Classification Guide for Cryptanalysis from September 13, 2005 Guardian
3/13/2014 NSA Cooperative Third Party Relationships Intercept
11/19/2013 NSA Core Intelligence Oversight Training US Government
11/19/2013 NSA Course Materials Intro v.13 US Government
11/19/2013 NSA Course Materials Module 1 v.17 US Government
11/19/2013 NSA Course Materials Module 2 v.16 US Government
11/19/2013 NSA Course Materials Module 3 v.22 US Government
11/19/2013 NSA Course Materials Module 4 v.28 US Government
11/19/2013 NSA Course Materials Module 5 v.24 US Government
11/19/2013 NSA Course Materials Module 6 Analytic Personal v.18 US Government
11/19/2013 NSA Course Materials Module 6 Tech Personnel v.25 US Government
10/4/2013 NSA Cryptanalysis and Exploitation Services Report on TOR 2006 Washington Post
12/28/2014 NSA Cryptographic Modernization (CryptoMod) Classification Guide Der Spiegel
11/19/2013 NSA Cryptological School Course Slides on Legal, Compliance, and Minimization Procedures US Government
12/10/2013 NSA CSEC Partnership CBC
9/1/2013 NSA document dated June 2010 (not released) discussing targeting of French Foreign Ministry Der Spiegel
8/31/2013 NSA document dated March 23, 2006 (not released) showing that Al Jazeera was surveilled Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 NSA Experiment For Massive SSL-TLS Decryption Der Spiegel
12/4/2014 NSA First Ever Collect of High Interest 4G Cellular Signal Intercept
1/17/2015 NSA Fourth Party Access - I Drink Your Milkshake Der Spiegel
12/4/2014 NSA GCHQ CSEC Network Tradecraft Advancement Intercept
11/19/2013 NSA Guidance Memo on Legal Standards for Searching Bulk Metadata US Government
12/28/2014 NSA High Level Description on TURMOIL - APEX Programs on Attacking VPN Der Spiegel
8/3/2014 NSA Intelligence Relationship With Israel Intercept
8/31/2014 NSA Intelligence Relationship with Turkey Der Spiegel
12/11/2013 NSA Internal PM on FRA SVT
12/28/2014 NSA LONGHAUL Program For End-to-end Attack Orchestration and Key Recovery Service Der Spiegel
11/23/2013 NSA Malware NRC Handelsblad
3/11/2014 NSA Memo Expands Access to FISA Information NY Times
9/28/2013 NSA memo from January 3, 2011 on contact chaining NY Times
10/24/2013 NSA memo to Signals Intelligence Division (SID) staff October 27, 2006 regarding monitoring of phones of world leaders Guardian
11/19/2013 NSA Metadata Collection Training Slides US Government
9/16/2013 NSA Network Analysis Center 2010 SIGDEV Conference on credit card authorization network mapping Der Spiegel
10/4/2013 NSA Notes from talk on Tor by Roger Dingledine November 2007 Washington Post
6/27/2013 NSA OIG Working Draft Report from March 24, 2009 on Stellar Wind (PSP) Guardian
3/12/2014 NSA Phishing Tactics and Man in the Middle Attacks Intercept
6/18/2014 NSA presentation on Nymrod Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 NSA Presentation on the Analysis and Contextualisation of Data From VPN Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 NSA Presentation on the Development of Attacks on VPN Der Spiegel
10/21/2013 NSA PRISM slide undated - alcatel / wanadoo Le Monde
1/17/2015 NSA Program TUTELAGE to Instrumentalize Third Party Attack Tools Der Spiegel
10/27/2013 NSA SCS Slides on embassy spying (slides 3-6) Der Spiegel
3/12/2014 NSA Selector Types Intercept
9/5/2013 NSA SIGINT Enabling Project Description - engaging companies to covertly leverage product designs (no date) Guardian
11/3/2013 NSA SIGINT January 2007 Strategic Mission List NY Times
11/3/2013 NSA SIGINT Mission Strategic Plan 2008-2013 NY Times
8/16/2013 NSA Signals Intelligence Division (SID) Oversight & Compliance Report May 31, 2012 discussing privacy violations for the preceding year Washington Post
9/8/2013 NSA slides on Petrobras and private networks O Globo Fantastico
9/9/2013 NSA slides on smartphones Der Spiegel
12/11/2013 NSA Slides Xkeyscore SVT
1/17/2015 NSA SNOWGLOBE, French Government Trojan Der Spiegel
8/9/2013 NSA Special Source Organization (SSO) glossary on Section 702 Guardian
8/16/2013 NSA Special Source Organization (SSO) news article from October 12, 2011 discussing FISC ruling holding NSA surveillance unconstitutional Washington Post
10/14/2013 NSA Special Source Organization (SSO) slides on Content Acquisition Optimization Washington Post
10/14/2013 NSA Special Source Organization (SSO) Slides on Content Optimization - Address Books (SCISSORS) Washington Post
11/19/2013 NSA Summary of Requirements for Collection of Bulk Metadata US Government
8/16/2013 NSA Targeting Analyst Rationale slides (undated) Washington Post
9/28/2015 NSA Team Selected for Olympics Support Intercept
3/12/2014 NSA Technology Directorate Analysis of Converged Data Intercept
3/11/2014 NSA Timeline of Surveillance Law Developments NY Times
1/17/2015 NSA Training Course Material on Computer Network Operations Der Spiegel
12/9/2013 NSA Video Games Paper NY Times
7/31/2013 NSA Xkeyscore Training Slides Feb 25, 2008 Guardian
6/18/2014 NSA/CSS Europe- Report on the experiences of one NSA worker Der Spiegel
12/23/2013 NSA/CSS Mission Washington Post
6/18/2014 NSA/CSS presentation on technical surveillance in Europe and Africa Der Spiegel
8/31/2014 NSAs Oldest Third Party Partnership Der Spiegel
6/30/2014 ODNI Certification Regarding Foreign Entities Washington Post
11/19/2013 Office of General Council Business Record Analyst Training Slides US Government
9/25/2015 Op Highland Filing Event Log Intercept
2/4/2015 Open Source For Cyber Defence Progress Intercept
3/22/2014 Operation Shotgiant Objectives NY Times
9/25/2015 Operational Engineering November 2010 Intercept
6/22/2015 Operational Legalities GCHQ PowerPoint Presentation Intercept
12/4/2014 Opulant Pup Encryption Attack Intercept
7/1/2015 OSINT Fusion Project Intercept
5/28/2015 Overcome By Overload Intercept
1/17/2015 Overview of Methods For NSA Integrated Cyber Operations Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Overview of the Capabilities of the VALIANTSURF Program Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Overview of the TRANSGRESSION Program to Analyze and Exploit Foreign CNA-CNE Exploits Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Overview of the use of Boundless Informant (world map) Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Overview on Internet Anonymization Services on How They Work Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Overview on the NSA Use of Bots and the DEFIANTWARRIOR Program Der Spiegel
11/25/2014 Partner Cables Süddeutsche Zeitung
10/4/2013 Peeling Back the Layers of Tor with Egotistical Giraffe January 8, 2007 Guardian
7/1/2015 Phone Number Extractor Intercept
12/28/2014 POISENNUT Virtual Private Network Attack Orchestrator (VAO) Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Preliminary agenda of a meeting between NSA and BND officials Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Presentation from the Center for Content Extraction Der Spiegel
10/6/2013 Presentation on Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy O Globo Fantastico
6/18/2014 Presentation on PRISM and ECC's participation Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Presentation on the NSA/CIA unit Special Collection Service Der Spiegel
10/22/2013 Prism April 2013 Le Monde
4/30/2014 Prism Olympics Intercept
8/23/2013 Prism Payments Guardian
6/6/2013 PRISM slides Washington Post
6/29/2013 PRISM slides Washington Post
7/10/2013 PRISM slides Washington Post
6/8/2013 PRISM/Upstream explanation slides Guardian
12/28/2014 Procedural GCHQ Document on How Analysts are to Handle Encrypted Traffic Der Spiegel
6/20/2013 Procedures Used by NSA for Targeting Non-US Persons Reasonably Believed to Be Outside the US to Acquire Foreign Intelligence Pursuant to 702 FISC July 29, 2009 Guardian
1/17/2015 Process Analysts Choose Their Data Requirement and Then Get to Know the Tools That Can Do the Job Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Processing of Data From Exploited VPN In the TURMOIL Program Der Spiegel
9/5/2013 Project Bullrun Description June 16, 2010 Guardian
6/22/2015 Project Camberdada - NSA Intercept
1/17/2015 Projects of the TAO-ATO Department Such As the Remote Destruction of Network Cards Der Spiegel
11/25/2014 PTC Glossary Süddeutsche Zeitung
9/25/2015 PullThrough Steering Group Minutes Intercept
9/25/2015 QFD BLACKHOLE Technology Behind INOC Intercept
12/30/2013 QFIRE Der Spiegel
9/5/2014 Quadrennial Intelligence Community Review Final Report Intercept
1/2/2014 Quantum Computers Hard Targets Washington Post
1/2/2014 Quantum Computing Washington Post
12/11/2013 Quantum from GCHQ SVT
3/12/2014 Quantum Insert Diagrams Intercept
1/17/2015 QUANTUMSHOOTER Implant to Remote-control Computers From Unknown Third Parties Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 QUANTUMTHEORY Man-on-the-side Interference Attacks on TCP-IP (STRAIGHTBIZARRE and DAREDEVIL) Der Spiegel
11/26/2013 Radicalizers Pornography Huffington Post
6/18/2014 RAMPART-A Overview Dagbladet
5/18/2015 RC SW Intelligence Summaries Intercept
1/17/2015 Recognize and Process Data From Third Party Attacks Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 Report of An NSA Employee About a Backdoor In the OpenSSH Daemon Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on a WHARPDRIVE incident in an SSO presentation Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on an NSA SIGDEV training course for allied countries Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on an NSA visit to BND site and on data transfer from the BND to the NSA Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on an unexploded ordnance alarm at European Technical Centern Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on an XKeyscore training session at the ECC / Dagger Complex Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on data exchange between the NSA and BND within the JSA framework Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on the beginnings of the European Security Center (ESC) in the Dagger Complex Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on the changing of the ESC’s name to European Security Operations Center (ESOC) Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on the changing of the ESOC’s name to European Cryptologic Center (ECC) Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on the NSA-BND cooperation known as Joint SIGINT Activity (JSA) Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on the NSA’s access to TEMPORA Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on the one-year anniversary of the NSA liaison unit SUSLAG in Bad Aibling Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on the surveillance of African countries by JSA Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on the technical expansion of the European Technical Center in Wiesbaden Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Report on the work of NSA/CSS Europe Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Restrictions on the technical surveillance performed by JSA Der Spiegel
6/22/2015 Reverse Engineering - GCHQ Wiki Intercept
11/17/2013 Royal Concierge Guardian
5/5/2015 RT10 Overview Intercept
7/1/2015 RWC Updater Readme Intercept
1/17/2015 Sample Code of A Malware Program From the Five Eyes Alliance Der Spiegel
6/10/2014 SANDKEY Cryptome
9/3/2013 SATC slides Mexico and Brazil Case Studies O Globo Fantastico
9/14/2014 Satellite Teleport Knowledge Der Spiegel
7/25/2014 Saudi Arabia Information Paper Intercept
12/28/2014 SCARLETFEVER How Attacks on Encrypted Connections are Orchestrated Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 SCARLETFEVER Program to Attack Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) - (TLS) Der Spiegel
9/23/2015 Secret Document- How the NSA Spied on Iranians in New York NBC News
7/1/2015 Selection Forwarding Readme Intercept
12/14/2014 Senate Intelligence Committee Study of Detention and Interrogation Program Intercept
9/25/2015 Sensitive Targeting Authorisation Intercept
10/10/2014 Sentry Eagle Brief Sheet Intercept
5/18/2015 SHAPE Weekly Report May/June 2011 Intercept
8/25/2014 Sharing Communications Metadata Across the U.S. Intelligence Community - ICREACH Intercept
8/10/2016 SID Today Batch Intercept
5/5/2015 SID Today Finding Nuggets Intercept
5/5/2015 SID Today Future Is Now Conclusion Intercept
5/5/2015 SID Today Future Is Now FInal Intercept
5/5/2015 SID Today Is HLT Progressing Intercept
5/5/2015 SID Today Non-linguists Final Intercept
5/18/2015 SID Today SIGINT Obtains Details Intercept
5/5/2015 SID Today Tsunami of Intercept Final Intercept
5/18/2015 SID Today What Does the Death of Usama Bin Laden Mean Intercept
5/18/2015 SID Today Year in Review 2011 Intercept
9/28/2015 SID Trains for Athens Olympics Intercept
6/12/2015 SIDtoday Interview with a SID Hacker Intercept
5/28/2015 SIGINT Mission Thread 3 Intercept
8/11/2015 SIGINT Philosopher Intercept
11/23/2013 SIGINT Strategy 2012 NY Times
7/23/2014 Signals Intelligence Authority Decision Tree Washington Post
2/19/2015 SIM Card Encryption Key Theft and Mobile Network Access (Collection) Intercept
8/31/2014 SINIO Seminar Tough Times for Turkey Der Spiegel
8/31/2014 SINIO Seminar Turkey and the Kurds Der Spiegel
8/31/2014 SINIO Seminar Turkish Elections Der Spiegel
5/8/2015 Skynet Cloud Based Behavior Intercept
5/8/2015 Skynet Courier Detection Intercept
9/28/2013 Slide on contact chaining (SYANPSE) NY Times
10/30/2013 Slides on MUSCULAR program possibly from February 28, 2013 Washington Post
9/25/2015 Social Anthropoid Briefing Intercept
6/22/2015 Software Reverse Engineering GCHQ Intercept
5/19/2014 Somalget Intercept
9/14/2014 Speargun Phase One Intercept
9/14/2014 Speargun Underway Intercept
6/18/2014 Special Source Operations Dagbladet
11/4/2013 Special Source Operations (SSO) Collection Optimization "Midpoint" Slides - Google and Yahoo! exploitations Washington Post
11/4/2013 Special Source Operations (SSO) Intercept Program Slides -- cable programs, details of MUSCULAR Washington Post
1/17/2015 SPINALTAP NSA Project to Combine Data From Active Operations and Passive Signals Intelligence Der Spiegel
7/9/2014 Spying on Muslim-American Leaders Intercept
1/27/2014 Squeaky Dolphin NBC
5/19/2014 SSO Dictionary Excerpt Intercept
7/1/2015 Stats Config Readme Intercept
9/8/2013 Stormbrew TV O Globo Fantastico
5/28/2015 Summit Fever Intercept
1/17/2015 Supply-chain Interdiction - Stealthy Techniques Can Crack Some of SIGINT's Hardest Targets Der Spiegel
2/15/2014 SUSLOC Trade Document NY Times
12/11/2013 Sweden Neutral SVT
5/21/2015 Synergising Network Analysis Tradecraft CBC
12/29/2013 TAO ANT Cottonmouth Der Spiegel
12/30/2013 TAO Intro Der Spiegel
12/30/2013 TAO Quantum Tasking Der Spiegel
12/30/2013 TAO Quantum Theory Der Spiegel
10/10/2014 TAREX Classification Guide Intercept
12/10/2013 Target Location Washington Post
3/20/2014 Targeting System Administrator Accounts to Access Networks Intercept
3/10/2015 TCB Jamboree and Apple Vulnerability Targeting (Collection) Intercept
9/25/2015 TDI Introduction Intercept
6/22/2015 TECA Product Centre GCHQ Wiki Intercept
1/17/2015 Technical Description of the FASHIONCLEFT Protocol Der Spiegel
1/17/2015 The FASHIONCLEFT Protocol NSA Uses to Exfiltrate Data From Trojans and Implants to the NSA Der Spiegel
3/12/2014 The NSA and GCHQ’s QUANTUMTHEORY Hacking Tactics Intercept
9/25/2015 TINT External July 2010 Intercept
5/28/2015 Too Many Choices Intercept
12/28/2014 TOR Deanonymisation Research Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 TOR Overview of Existing Techniques Der Spiegel
10/4/2013 Tor Stinks Presentation June 2012 Guardian
7/1/2015 Tracking Targets on Online Social Networks Intercept
7/1/2015 TRAFFICTHIEF Readme Intercept
2/24/2014 Training for Covert Online Operations Intercept
9/14/2014 Treasure Map Announces a New Release Der Spiegel
9/14/2014 Treasure Map Presentation Der Spiegel
3/12/2014 TURBINE and TURMOIL Intercept
3/12/2014 TURBINE Industrial Scale Exploitation Intercept
3/15/2014 TURBINE Intelligence Command and Control Intercept
8/31/2014 Turkey and the PKK Der Spiegel
8/31/2014 Turkey at the G20 Pre-Meeting Der Spiegel
8/31/2014 Turkey Energy Company Development Der Spiegel
8/31/2014 Turkish Signal Intelligence Chief Agenda Der Spiegel
10/4/2013 Types of IAT (how Tor works) Guardian
7/1/2015 UN Secretary General XKS Intercept
11/19/2013 United States Signals Intelligence Directive 18 Appendix J US Government
11/19/2013 United States Signals Intelligence Directive 18 Jan 25 2011 US Government
7/1/2015 Unofficial XKS User Guide Intercept
6/18/2014 US sites with NSA personnel in Germany Der Spiegel
7/1/2015 User Agents Intercept
7/1/2015 UTT Config Readme Intercept
11/19/2013 Verification Slide US Government
6/5/2013 Verizon 215 Secondary Order April 25, 2013 Guardian
7/1/2015 VOIP in XKS Intercept
7/1/2015 VOIP Readme Intercept
3/12/2014 VPN and VOIP Exploitation With HAMMERCHANT and HAMMERSTEIN Intercept
7/1/2015 Web Forum Expoitation Using XKS Intercept
5/5/2015 WG Advice to Security Service Intercept
12/28/2014 What Your Mother Never Told You About the Development of Signal Intelligence Der Spiegel
12/28/2014 Which Encryption Protocols and Techniques Can Be Attacked Der Spiegel
2/4/2015 Who Else Is Targeting Your Target Collecting Intercept
11/4/2013 WINDSTOP Collection 30 day period December 2012 - January 2013 Washington Post
11/25/2014 Windstop System Highlights Süddeutsche Zeitung
12/4/2014 Wolframite Encryption Attack Intercept
6/18/2014 World map from the Boundless Informant program Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Worldwide locations of NSA/CSS satellite surveillance Der Spiegel
6/18/2014 Worldwide locations of the Cryptologic Services Groups Der Spiegel
7/1/2015 Writing XKS Fingerprints Intercept
8/26/2015 XKeyscore - the Document Die Zeit
6/16/2014 Xkeyscore Fingerprints Der Spiegel
12/11/2013 Xkeyscore Slide with Swedish Example SVT
12/11/2013 Xkeyscore Sources SVT
12/11/2013 Xkeyscore Sweden Meeting SVT
8/26/2015 XKeyscore-A Dubious Deal with the NSA Die Zeit
7/1/2015 XKS Application IDS Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Application IDS Brief Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS as a SIGDEV Tool Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS for Counter CNE Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Intro Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Logos Embedded in Docs Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Search Forms Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS System Administration Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Targets Visiting Specific Websites Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Tech Extractor 2009 Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Tech Extractor 2010 Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Workflows 2009 Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS Workflows 2011 Intercept
7/1/2015 XKS, Cipher Detection, and You! Intercept
8/3/2015 YRS Gears Up to Celebrate 40 Years Intercept
6/18/2014 Zoom of a Boundless Informant document, with project names Der Spiegel
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