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User Privacy Champion Ashkan Soltani Joins EFF Advisory Board

EFF is proud to announce that independent researcher and technologist Ashkan Soltani has joined our advisory board, where he will share his expertise in privacy and security. Ashkan is a long-time EFF friend and collaborator whose research has informed our efforts to protect users from NSA backdoors, shine...
California Sunshine

The California Public Records Act Is an Essential Right, Even During a State of Emergency

As Californians shelter-at-home up and down the state, the journalists and citizen watchdogs who file California Public Records Act (CPRA) requests know that trade-offs must be made. We know that local agencies may be understaffed at this time and that they may be slow to respond to our letters. They...
An array of laptops, each with a virus image, except one, which has a surveillance eye.

Governments Haven’t Shown Location Surveillance Would Help Contain COVID-19

Governments around the world are demanding new dragnet location surveillance powers to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. But before the public allows their governments to implement such systems, governments must explain to the public how these systems would be effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19. There’s no questioning the need...
Supreme Court

The Time Is Now: The Supreme Court Must Allow Live Cameras

At a time when government officials are justifiably limiting in-person gatherings to slow the spread of COVID-19, the public should have access to essential government activities. The Supreme Court is no exception, which is why it must finally allow cameras in its courtroom. Responding to the health and safety concerns...
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Governments Must Commit to Transparency During COVID-19 Crisis

As government officials at all levels move quickly to respond to COVID-19 and protect the public’s health, it is vital that they also safeguard the public’s ability to participate in and access information about those decisions, EFF and a coalition of more than 100 organizations wrote in a letter...
Image of face outline put together with several lines. Very cyberpunk.

Face Surveillance Is Not the Solution to the COVID-19 Crisis

In the current moment, governments may be tempted to funnel scarce public health resources into the use of face recognition to curtail the spread of COVID-19. Public health crises, especially a global pandemic, may require extraordinary measures in favor of the public good—but invasive face surveillance is not in...
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Lo Que Debe Saber Sobre las Herramientas Online Durante la Crisis de COVID-19

Una gran parte del trabajo, organización y la atención del mundo se está trasladando a plataformas y herramientas digitales que faciliten la conexión y la productividad: videoconferencias, aplicaciones de mensajería, plataformas de salud y educación, y más. Es importante ser consciente de las formas en que estas herramientas pueden afectar...


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