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colorful letters on a black background spell out 2019: Year in Review

Protecting the Legal Foundation of the Internet: 2019 in Review

When someone says something unlawful online, they should be the one held responsible for it, not the website or platform where they said it. Section 230—the most important law protecting free speech online—reflects that common-sense principle. This year, EFF defended Section 230 in Congress, the courts, and on the...
Image of face outline put together with several lines. Very cyberpunk.

Activists Worldwide Face Off Against Face Recognition: 2019 Year in Review

We’ve all heard the expression, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” We might hope that what we do and where we go will only be known to those who were there in person. Yet maintaining such anonymity and privacy in public spaces is becoming ever more difficult. 2019 has...

Courts Grapple with a Sea Change in Fourth Amendment Law After Carpenter v US: Year in Review 2019

Last year, the Supreme Court issued a landmark opinion in a case we’ve written about a lot, called Carpenter v. United States, ruling that the Fourth Amendment protects data generated by our phones called historical cell-site location information or CSLI. The Court recognized that CSLI creates a “detailed chronicle...
This image shows a person's face with layers of pixelation throughout.

Fighting Back Against Face Surveillance in the Skies: 2019 Year in Review

While cities and municipalities made clear strides to limit the use of face surveillance technology throughout 2019, airlines and government agencies tasked with identifying travelers have spent much of the year trying to expand its use. But while the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP)...
colorful letters on a black background spell out 2019: Year in Review

Victories and Disappointments in AI and Algorithmic Decision-Making: 2019 Year in Review

AI and algorithmic decision-making raised important civil liberties issues in 2019, with developments good, bad, and in-between. Starting off in the “disappointing” category, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced in August that it was considering new rules that would insulate landlords, banks, and insurance companies...

Fancy New Terms, Same Old Backdoors: The Encryption Debate in 2019

Almost every week, we hear about another corporate data breach or government attack on privacy. For anyone who wants real privacy online, encryption is the essential component. Governments around the world keep trying to break encryption, seeking to enhance the power of their law enforcement agencies. They’ve...


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