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Suit Against Pharmacy Groups Uses Antitrust as a Weapon Against Unaccountable Online Censorship found itself in a tough spot. The website evaluates online pharmacies, giving people information about how to cheaply and safely import prescription medicines into the U.S. for personal use. A network of other groups, closely aligned with U.S. pharmaceutical companies, is trying to drive Pharmacy Checker off the...

Mientras los fiscales de Ola Bini concluyen la investigación, Amnistía Internacional denuncia violaciones de derechos humanos en su caso

Hoy se cumple el plazo para que la fiscalía ecuatoriana investigue el caso contra Ola Bini, el programador sueco de software libre que fue arrestado en abril y detenido durante más de dos meses sin juicio ni cargos claros. El jueves, el juez aceptó una petición de los fiscales para...

Harvard Student’s Deportation Raises Concerns About Border Device Searches and Social Media Surveillance

Media outlets reported this week that an international student at Harvard University was deported back to Lebanon after border agents in Boston searched his electronic devices and confronted him about his friends’ social media posts. These allegations raise serious concerns about whether the government is following its own policies regarding...
The shadow of a police officer looms in front of a closed door. An Amazon Ring camera device glows blue.

Five Concerns about Amazon Ring’s Deals with Police

More than 400 police departments across the country have partnered with Ring, tech giant Amazon’s “smart” doorbell program, to create a troubling new video surveillance system. Ring films and records any interaction or movement happening at the user’s front door, and alerts users’ phones. These partnerships expand the web...

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California Has No Broadband Plan for the Future While The World Marches Ahead

The world’s largest economies are aggressively modernizing their Internet infrastructure with universal fiber to-the-home plans or have already achieved that metric—with the exception of the United States. EFF noted that there is a desperate need for a federal “Fiber for All” plan that tackles this national problem. But the...


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