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Portrait of Glenn Greenwald against a dark background. Photo by David dos Dantos CC-BY

When Computer Crimes Are Used To Silence Journalists: Why EFF Stands Against the Prosecution of Glenn Greenwald

This week, prosecutors in Brazil filed a criminal complaint against Glenn Greenwald, an internationally lauded journalist best known for publishing leaked documents detailing the NSA’s mass surveillance. Greenwald’s prosecution is an attempt to use computer crime law to silence an investigative reporter who exposed deep-seated government corruption. Sadly, this...
Three ten thousand bills with the copyright symbol instead of a portrait

The Key To Fixing Copyright Is Ending Massive, Unpredictable Damages Awards

On Copyright Week, we like to talk about ways to improve copyright law. One of the biggest improvements available is to fix U.S. copyright’s broken statutory damages regime. In other areas of civil law, the courts have limited jury-awarded punitive damages so that they can’t be far higher than the...

EFF Activists To Demonstrate Against Sell Out of .ORG to Private Equity at Los Angeles Protest

Los Angeles—Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) activists will join advocates for other public interest nonprofits to protest a plan to sell out the Internet .ORG domain registry at a demonstration tomorrow outside ICANN’s board of directors meeting in Los Angeles.EFF, nonprofit advocacy group NTEN, digital rights groups Fight for the...

Tale of Jailbreaking Disobedient IoT Appliances Shortlisted for the National Canada Reads Prize

In Unauthorized Bread, a novella by EFF Special Advisor Cory Doctorow published in his 2019 Tor Books collection Radicalized, a refugee named Salima leads a mass jailbreaking of the locked-down Internet of Things appliances in a subsidized housing unit in Boston. With this act, Salima and others risk eviction...
A multi-colored bullhorn icon surrounded by grey-blue hexagons

EFF to Supreme Court: Criminal Immigration Statute Threatens Free Speech Online

EFF is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down a law that poses a serious threat to online speech by criminalizing speech that “encourages” unlawful immigration. EFF filed an amicus brief on behalf of itself and Immigrants Rising, the Internet Archive, and Daphne Keller. The...


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