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Election Security: When to Worry, When to Not, and the Takeaway from Antrim County, Michigan

Everyone wants an election that is secure and reliable. With technology in the mix, making sure that the technology supports this is critical. EFF has long-warned against blindly adopting technologies that can be easily manipulated or fail without having systems in place to test, secure, and catch problems, including...

The angular outline of three faces as a computer might see them, colored like a rainbow

Clearview’s Faceprinting is Not Sheltered from Biometric Privacy Litigation by the First Amendment

Clearview AI extracts faceprints from billions of people, without their consent, and uses these faceprints to offer a service to law enforcement agencies seeking to identify suspects in photos. Following an exposé by the New York Times this past January, Clearview faces more than ten lawsuits, including ...

RIAA Abuses DMCA to Take Down Popular Tool for Downloading Online Videos

"youtube-dl" is a popular free software tool for downloading videos from YouTube and other user-uploaded video platforms. GitHub recently took down youtube-dl’s code repository at the behest of the Recording Industry Association of America, potentially stopping many thousands of users, and other programs and services, that rely on it.On...

Ink-Stained Wretches: The Battle for the Soul of Digital Freedom Taking Place Inside Your Printer

Since its founding in the 1930s, Hewlett-Packard has been synonymous with innovation, and many's the engineer who had cause to praise its workhorse oscillators, minicomputers, servers, and PCs. But since the turn of this century, the company's changed its name to HP and its focus to sleazy ways to part...

How to Identify Visible (and Invisible) Surveillance at Protests

The full weight of U.S. policing has descended upon protesters across the country as people take to the streets to denounce the police killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and countless others who have been subjected to police violence. Along with riot shields, tear gas, and other crowd control measures...
A striped cat opines using a megaphone.

Turquía duplicó el número de violaciones a la intimidad digital y a la libre expresión

En la historia reciente de Turquía abundan las leyes y prácticas que reprimen los derechos humanos. La Ley de Internet, sus enmiendas y la reciente decisión del organismo regulador de Turquía (BTK) consolidaron aún más esa tendencia. La Ley de Internet y sus enmiendas exigen que...


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