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America Is Still in Desperate Need for a Fiber Broadband for Everyone Plan: Year in Review 2019

Earlier this year, EFF noted that the United States is facing a high-speed broadband access crisis. For the foreseeable future, it appears that a supermajority of Americans will not have access to fiber to the home. Instead, it is cable monopolies or nothing at all. Government data indicates that...
colorful letters on a black background spell out 2019: Year in Review

Dodging Bullets on the Path to a Decentralized Future: 2019 in Review

The Internet’s decentralized nature has historically been its greatest super-power, granting it the ability to shrug off censors and spies and redistribute power away from corruptible gatekeepers out to the creators and innovators on its edges. But it’s only been in the last few years that the Net's own corporate...
colorful letters on a black background spell out 2019: Year in Review

Protestas y Tecnología en América Latina: Un Balance Sobre el 2019

Creciente insatisfacción con el liderazgo político. Restricciones sociales y económicas. Represalias contra las medidas de austeridad. Acoso contra líderes comunitarios y políticos. Todos estos asuntos que, en diferentes configuraciones, han provocado protestas masivas y trastornos políticos en los últimos meses en América Latina. Han marcado la pauta en 2019 y...
CASE Act: 3 $10k bills with copyright symbol in the center

Yet Another Year of Fighting a Bad Copyright Bill: 2019 Year in Review

There is certainly more than enough room in this world for new copyright laws that would improve the lives of artists and their audiences. And then there’s the Copyright Alternatives in Small-Claims Enforcement Act (CASE Act), a proposal which doesn’t help the artists it claims to be for and would...
colorful letters on a black background spell out 2019: Year in Review

Smart Home Tech, Police, and Your Privacy: Year in Review 2019

If 2019 confirmed anything, it is that we should not trust the microphones and cameras that large corporations sell us to put inside and near our homes. Thanks to the due diligence of reporters, public records requesters, and privacy researchers and activists, consumers have been learning more and more about...


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