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Fighting Abusive Patent Litigation During a Year of Health Crisis: 2020 Year In Review

The coronavirus dominated the news cycles, and our personal lives, in 2020. Scientists around the world raced forward to create a vaccine. Alongside that massive effort to create a critical new invention, we saw a renewed debate about patents and their role in helping, or hindering, innovation. At EFF, we’ve...

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EFF’s Work in State Legislatures: Year In Review 2020

EFF works in state legislatures across the country to fight for your civil liberties. This year, the pandemic upended the priorities and plans of every statehouse. But, with your support, EFF was able to quickly respond to surveillance threats, defend privacy, and counter the ways the pandemic made matters worse....

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Student Privacy and the Fight to Keep Spying Out of Schools: Year in Review 2020

As students were sent home from school in the spring due to the coronavirus pandemic, schools followed them home with invasive surveillance technology. This trend, spurred by the surge in remote learning, was an opportunistic move by tech companies and schools already in a race to control students through...

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In 2020, Congress Threatened Our Speech and Security With the “EARN IT” Act

One nice thing about democracy is that—at least in theory—we don’t need permission to speak freely and privately. We don’t have to prove that our speech meets the government’s criteria, online or offline. We don’t have to “earn” our rights to free speech or privacy.Times have changed. Today, some U.S....

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What Comes Next for the Santa Clara Principles: 2020 in Review

For many years, we have urged platforms to operate with more transparency—both to the public and to their users—and to ensure that the people who use their services have the ability to appeal wrongful content moderation decisions. As such, in conjunction with several other organizations and academic experts, we launched...

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Surveillance Self-Defense and Security Education: Year in Review 2020

As the world rapidly changed in 2020, new threats arose to our digital security. The shift to online education and the wave of police brutality protests brought new avenues for surveillance, so EFF created new resources to help people protect themselves.EFF maintains a repository of self-help resources for fighting back...

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The U.S. Internet Is Being Starved of Its Potential: 2020 in Review

Over a year ago, EFF raised the desperate need for the United States to have a universal fiber infrastructure plan in order to ensure that all Americans can obtain access to 21st century communications technology. Since then, we’ve produced technical research showing why fiber is vastly superior to...


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