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An image of a house receiving fast, reliable internet from underground fiber cables.

1000 Californians Have Asked Their Representatives To Fix Our Broken Broadband System. Have You?

The California legislature has been handed what might be their easiest job this year, and they are refusing to do it. Californians far and wide have spent the pandemic either tethered to their high-speed broadband connections (if they’re lucky), or desperately trying to find ways to make their internet...

students use books and tablets to hide from a spying eye

Victory! Dartmouth Ends Unfounded Cheating Investigation After Students, Rights Groups Speak Out

The Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine has ended its months-long dragnet investigation into supposed student cheating, dropping all charges against students and clearing all transcripts of any violations. This affirms what EFF, The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), students, and many others...

A warning sign with a picture of a troll says "do not feed the troll"

15 Universities Have Formed A Company That Looks A Lot Like A Patent Troll

Imagine this: a limited liability company (LLC) is formed, for the sole purpose of acquiring patents, including what are likely to be low-quality patents of suspect validity. Patents in hand, the LLC starts approaching high-tech companies and demanding licensing fees. If they don’t get paid, the company will use contingency-fee...

Free Speech banner, an colorful graphic representation of a megaphone

Tracking Global Online Censorship: What EFF Is Doing Next

As the world stays home to slow the spread of COVID-19, communities are rapidly transitioning to digital meeting spaces. This highlights a trend EFF has tracked for years: discussions in virtual spaces shape and reflect societal freedoms, and censorship online replicates repression offline. As most of us spend increasing amounts...

The logo for the right to repair campaign.

EFF Files Amicus Brief Defending the Right to Repair in Massachusetts

This week, EFF joined with several prominent right-to-repair groups to file an amicus brief in the United States District Court of Massachusetts defending the state’s recent right-to-repair law. This law, which gives users and independent repair shops access to critical information about the cars they drive and service, passed...

EFF and FSFP to Court: When Flawed Electronic Voting Systems Disenfranchise Voters, They Should Be Able to Challenge That with Access to the Courts

Atlanta, Georgia—The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Free Speech for People (FSPF) urged a federal appeals court today to hold that a group of Georgia voters and the organization that supports them have standing to sue the Georgia Secretary of State over the implementation of defective voting systems they...

BLM protestors hold phones and bullhorns up

Un año de acción en apoyo del movimiento liderado por negros contra la violencia policial y el racismo

"Las vidas negras importan en las calles. Las vidas negras importan en Internet". Hace un año, la directora ejecutiva de la EFF, Cindy Cohn, compartió estas palabras en la declaración de la EFF sobre los asesinatos policiales de Breonna Taylor y George Floyd. Cindy habló en nombre de todos...

Necessary & Proportionate logo

Convenio global sobre las fuerzas policiales debilita la privacidad y los derechos humanos

La reciente decisión del Comité de Ciberdelincuencia del Consejo de Europa (T-CY) de aprobar nuevas normas internacionales para el acceso de las fuerzas del orden a los datos de los usuarios sin una fuerte protección de la privacidad es un golpe para los derechos humanos mundiales en la era...


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