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Copyright Filters Are On a Collision Course With EU Data Privacy Rules

The European Union’s controversial new copyright rules are on a collision course with EU data privacy rules. The GDPR guards data protection, privacy, and other fundamental rights in the handling of personal data. Such rights are likely to be affected by an automated decision-making system that’s guaranteed to be used...
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Hundreds of New Yorkers Demand a Ban on NYPD Face Surveillance

Over two hundred New York City residents—including workers, parents, students, business owners, and technologists—have signed a petition calling to end government use of face surveillance in New York City. This morning, EFF and a coalition of over a dozen civil liberties groups delivered that petition to New York's City...

CPUC Communications En Banc Meeting on Broadband Access

Piloting Service-Based Competition (1:30-2:20 p.m.) Removing barriers to open and competitive markets and promoting fair product and price competition is one of the CPUC’s directives. Deploying last mile broadband infrastructure to customers is a significant barrier to new market entrants, but cities like Fullerton, California have introduced service-based competition, where...
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Help Us Save the Internet: EFF Seeks a Tech Projects Director

There’s a very rare opportunity available right now for an engineering director to join EFF’s leadership team, and we’re asking our community to help us find the perfect candidate. We’re doing an open hire for our Technology Projects Director role. The role will lead a 16-person team that uses...

Schools Are Pushing the Boundaries of Surveillance Technologies

Learn more at EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense guide for students. A school district in New York recently adopted facial recognition technology to monitor students, and it is now one of a growing number of schools across the country conducting mass privacy violations of kids in the name of “safety.”...


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