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Victory! Boston Bans Government Use of Face Surveillance

The push to minimize the government’s power to track and spy on people with surveillance technology has picked up steam as the Black-led movement against racism and police brutality continues to push politicians to reconsider the role policing plays in our lives. Thanks to the tireless efforts of ACLU-Massachusetts...
brazil fake news bill

Brazil's Fake News Bill Would Dismantle Crucial Rights Online and is on a Fast Track to Become Law

Update: A new draft text was released shortly before the voting set for June 25th. It doesn’t include blocking and data localization measures, but the surveillance and identification rules remain. Read more in the analysis of a coalition of digital rights groups in Brazil. Despite widespread complaints about...

The House Has a Universal Fiber Broadband Plan We Should Get Behind

America is behind on its transition to a 21st-century, fiber-connected Internet with no plan for how to fix the problem. Until today. For the first time, legislation led by Majority Whip James Clyburn would begin a national transition of everyone’s Internet connection into multi-gigabit capable fiber optics has been introduced...

Groundbreaking Community-Building Technologists Join EFF’s Board of Directors

San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is honored to announce the two newest members of its Board of Directors: tech executive and advocate Anil Dash and free and open source software advocate James Vasile. Both Dash and Vasile have spent their careers blending technology and community...

Victory: Indiana Supreme Court Rules that Police Can’t Force Smartphone User to Unlock Her Phone

In courts across the country, EFF has been arguing that the police cannot constitutionally require you to unlock your phone or give them your password, and today the Indiana Supreme Court issued a strong opinion agreeing with us. In the case, Seo v. State, the court found that the...
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Apple’s Response to HEY Showcases What’s Most Broken About the Apple App Store

Basecamp’s new paid email service, HEY, has been making headlines recently in a very public fight with Apple over their App Store terms of service. Just as the service was launching, the HEY developers found the new release of the app—which included important security fixes—was held up over a...

California Coalition Calls for Moratorium on State Gang Database

EFF has joined a coalition of civil rights, immigration, and criminal justice reform organizations to demand the California Department of Justice (CADOJ) place an immediate moratorium on the use of the state’s gang database, also known as CalGang. For years, EFF has stood beside many of these organizations to advocate...
Google Spying

Staying Private While Using Google Docs for Legal & Mutual Aid Work

Regardless of your opinion about Google, their suite of collaborative document editing tools provides a powerful resource in this tumultuous time. Across the country, grassroots groups organizing mutual aid relief work in response to COVID-19 and legal aid as part of the recent wave of protests have relied on...


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