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Stop SESTA: 230 icon in phone

The PACT Act Is Not The Solution To The Problem Of Harmful Online Content

The Senate Commerce Committee’s Tuesday hearing on the PACT Act and Section 230 was a refreshingly substantive bipartisan discussion about the thorny issues related to how online platforms moderate user content, and to what extent these companies should be held liable for harmful user content. The hearing brought into...
An array of laptops with viruses and icons for digital rights

University App Mandates Are The Wrong Call

As students, parents, and schools prepare the new school year, universities are considering ways to make returning to campus safer. Some are considering and even mandating that students install COVID-related technology on their personal devices, but this is the wrong call. Exposure notification apps, quarantine enforcement programs...

Una inmersión legal a la nueva y desastrosa ley de derechos de autor de México

México acaba de adoptar una nueva y terrible ley de derechos de autor, gracias a la presión de los Estados Unidos (y específicamente de los maximalistas del derecho de autor que ejercen una enorme influencia en la política exterior de los Estados Unidos). Esta ley se asemeja mucho a la...

La nueva ley de derechos de autor de México socava la soberanía nacional de México, continuando generaciones de injustos "tratos comerciales justos" entre EE.UU. y América Latina

A principios de este mes, el Congreso de México importó apresuradamente la mayor parte del sistema de derechos de autor de EE.UU. a la legislación mexicana, en un acto peligroso y poco considerado. Pero ni esta acción ni sus consecuencias se produjeron en el vacío: más bien fue una...

Discapacidad, Educación, Reparación y Salud: Cómo la Ley de Derechos de Autor de México perjudica la autodeterminación en la era de Internet

La nueva ley de derechos de autor de México fue aprobada apresuradamente por el Congreso sin un debate o consulta adecuados, y eso es un problema, porque la ley - una copia al por mayor del sistema de derechos de autor de EE.UU. - crea riesgos únicos para...
International issues banner, a colorful graphic of a globe

Turkey's New Internet Law Is the Worst Version of Germany's NetzDG Yet

Update: This post has been corrected as of August 1, 2020 to accurately reflect the details of the NetzDG. For years, free speech and press freedoms have been under attack in Turkey. The country has the distinction of being the world’s largest jailer of journalists and has in...

Self-Described Twitter Troll Ryan Hintze Discovers New Way to Troll Twitter: the DMCA

Let’s start by making one thing clear: you don’t own an article that is written about you, and if you do file a frivolous copyright claim about that article, you certainly don’t have a right to DMCA a tweet about that DMCA takedown. As Luke O’Neil first reported in...
Facebook servers, with a speech bubble of a key above it.

Court Denies EFF, ACLU Effort to Unseal Ruling Rejecting DOJ Effort to Break Encryption

A federal appeals court last week refused to unseal a court order that reportedly stopped the Justice Department from forcing Facebook to break the encryption it offers to users of its Messenger application. The unpublished decision ends an effort by EFF, ACLU, and Stanford cybersecurity scholar Riana Pfefferkorn...


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