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Appeals Court Win for Open Source Advocate Speaking Out on Licensing Restrictions

San Francisco – An Open Source advocate and blogger criticizing a company, Open Source Security Inc. (OSS), has successfully defended a defamation lawsuit after an appeals court found that the company’s accusations against the blogger were baseless. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) represented Bruce Perens, a founder of...

Europeans Deserve to Have Their Governments Test—Not Trust—Filters

Thanks to the adoption of a disastrous new Copyright Directive, the European Union is about to require its member states to pass laws requiring online service providers to ensure the unavailability of copyright-protected works. This will likely result in the use of copyright filters that automatically assess user-submitted audio, text...
Twitter logo inside a lock icon, against a blue background.

How Twitter's Default Settings Can Leak Your Phone Number

Twitter has publicly disclosed a security “incident” that points to long-standing problems with how the service handles phone numbers. Twitter announced it had discovered and shut down “a large network of fake accounts” that were uploading large numbers of phone numbers and using tools in Twitter’s API to match...
A multi-colored bullhorn icon surrounded by grey-blue hexagons

EFF Lawsuit Ends Censorship Against PETA on Public University’s Facebook Page

In a big win for free speech on the Internet, an EFF lawsuit has compelled the nation’s second-largest public university to stop censoring dissent on its social media. To settle our First Amendment case, Texas A&M University (TAMU) agreed to end its automatic and manual blocking of comments posted on...
The Graham-Blumenthal bill is anti-speech, anti-security, and anti-innovation.

Congress Must Stop the Graham-Blumenthal Anti-Security Bill

There’s a new and serious threat to both free speech and security online. Under a draft bill that Bloomberg recently leaked, the Attorney General could unilaterally dictate how online platforms and services must operate. If those companies don’t follow the Attorney General’s rules, they could be on the hook...
Image of face outline put together with several lines. Very cyberpunk.

Clearview AI—Yet Another Example of Why We Need A Ban on Law Enforcement Use of Face Recognition Now

This week, additional stories came out about Clearview AI, the company we wrote about earlier that’s marketing a powerful facial recognition tool to law enforcement. These stories discuss some of the police departments around the country that have been secretly using Clearview’s technology, and they show...
Dot Org Protest, photo by Kenneth Brown (CC-BY)

After Nonprofits Protest at ICANN, California's Attorney General Steps Into the .ORG Battle

Once appearing to be a done deal, the sale of the .ORG registry to private equity is facing new delays and new opposition, after a successful protest in front of ICANN last week by nonprofits and an intervention by the California Attorney General. Private equity firm Ethos Capital’s proposed...


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