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A police analyst sits at a workstation in front of a wall of video monitors.

EFF publica una nueva investigación sobre los centros de control del crimen en tiempo real en los EE.UU.

La EFF ha publicado un nuevo informe, "Vigilancia compuesta": Real-Time Crime Centers in the United States", que presenta un perfil de siete centros de vigilancia operados por la policía local, además de datos sobre docenas de otros diseminados por todo el país. Desarrollado y escrito en colaboración con...

EFF Urges Universities to Commit to Transparency and Privacy Protections For COVID-19 Tracing Apps

San Francisco—The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) called on universities that have launched or plan to launch COVID-19 tracking technologies—which sometimes collect sensitive data from users’ devices and lack adequate transparency or privacy protections—to make them entirely voluntary for students and disclose details about data collection practices.Monitoring public...

¿Quién defiende tus datos?

El informe de InternetLab marca el rumbo de la privacidad de las telecomunicaciones en Brasil.

Han pasado cinco años desde que InternetLab publicó "Quem Defende Seus Dados?" (“Who defends your data?") un informe que responsabiliza a los proveedores de servicios de Internet de sus políticas de privacidad y protección de datos en el Brasil. Desde entonces, las principales empresas...


Don’t Blame Section 230 for Big Tech’s Failures. Blame Big Tech.

Next time you hear someone blame Section 230 for a problem with social media platforms, ask yourself two questions: first, was this problem actually caused by Section 230? Second, would weakening Section 230 solve the problem? Politicians and commentators on both sides of the aisle frequently blame Section 230 for...

Patent Troll warning sign: Do Not Feed the Troll

Tell Trump’s Patent Office Director: Don’t Make Permanent Rule Changes Now

In the final days of the administration, Andre Iancu, President Trump’s Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, is trying to push through permanent rule changes that would destroy the post-grant review system. Iancu is going all out to weaken “inter partes review” proceedings (or IPRs), which are...

Podcast logo + Julian Sanchez photo

Podcast Episode: The Secret Court Approving Secret Surveillance

Episode 001 of EFF’s How to Fix the InternetJulian Sanchez joins EFF hosts Cindy Cohn and Danny O’Brien as they delve into the problems with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, also known as the FISC or the FISA Court. Sanchez explains how the FISA Court signs off on surveillance of...

Asleep at the Wheel: Why Didn't Carmakers Prepare for Massachusetts' Right to Repair Law?

The people of Massachusetts demanded their right to repair this month, passing a ballot initiative to allow independent repair shops to access critical information about their cars by an overwhelming 74.9% majority. Now, automakers—whose scare tactics and false privacy and security claims did not fool Massachusetts voters—are expected...

Aaron Swartz at a Boston Wiki Meetup in 2009

Join Us for 2020's Virtual Aaron Swartz Day Hackathon

EFF is excited to participate this weekend in a virtual version of the annual Aaron Swartz Day and International Hackathon—a day dedicated to celebrating the continuing legacy of activist, programmer, and entrepreneur Aaron Swartz. 
Join EFF Senior Researcher Dave Maass and privacy advocate Madison Vialpando as they lead...


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